Fast Delivery of Your Bulk SMS- 5 Tips That Can Help

  09 June 2015

Have you ever felt irked and frustrated sometimes when you send bulk messages that you want to get to your recipients as soon as you sent it but it takes a long time to get delivered?. Do you wish there are ways to get your bulk SMS delivered to your recipients as quick as possible and cut out the delays? Well the answer is right here at your finger tips. Here are 5 tested and trusted tips for getting your bulk SMS delivered without delays.


Avoid the use of words like ‘WIN’ ‘WON’ ‘AWARD’ ‘CALL’ e.t.c in your messages: These samples of words falls in a category of words that the network operators tags as scam words i.e. they are frequently used by fraudsters to cheat people. Because of this the operators have a filtering system that screens your messages and if any of those words are there they just don’t get delivered. Try as much as possible not to include those kinds of words in your messages. We’ve put together a list of spam related words and combination of words that network providers will not allow as sender IDs and in content of the message.

Do not send bulk messages to ported numbers as chances are they just won’t get it: Mobile Number Portability is a service that enables you to keep your mobile phone number when changing from one mobile service provider to another. When this service was introduced in Nigeria a lot of phone users jumped at it. While it has its advantages it has also been discovered that messages sent through the internet do not get delivered on this phone numbers. Find out why bulk SMS don’t get delivered to ported phone numbers and ensure your recipients list do not contain ported lines as they won’t get your messages.

Keep your message very short and clear: The best bulk marketing messages and informative ones alike are that that are very brief and yet captures the information in its totality. Quick delivery of your messages also hinges on this principle. A short message delivers faster than long ones. If at all the SMS just have to be long, try sending them in batches instead of pushing them out all at the same time and getting it delivered late. Preferably, keep you bulk SMS pretty simple and brief.

Schedule for later delivery: Do you want to send a bulk SMS at a later time and it’s so important you fear it might not get delivered instantly? You might just try scheduling it in advance to get delivered later. As such you do your own side of the bargain and let us worry about the delivery.

Type phone numbers in the correct format: When typing the recipients phone numbers, the right format is starting it with a zero(0) e.g. 080.... instead of beginning with 234.....Also, when you are sending to multiple numbers, differentiate them with the 'comma' sign, the 'space' key or the 'enter' key instead of keeping them clumped together.

If you are a registered client on SmartSMSSolutions, log into your bulk SMS account and send SMS applying these tips mentioned and see the magic it does. Do not have a bulk SMS account yet? Register a free bulk SMS account and get rewarded with free bulk SMS units.

Do you have any special tricks or tips you’ve found effective in getting your bulk SMS delivered quick? Let us know about these in the comment box below.



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