How To Get Your Bulk SMS Delivered Instantly On Any Network

  09 June 2015

“When I choose to send a message to get information across to a person, it is because I want it to get to the person instantly. If I could afford a delay I could as well trek to the person and tell him face to face”. So goes the view of most SMS users today if not all of them. The point is that the importance of getting messages delivered instantly to recipients cannot be overemphasized.

SmartSMSSolutions has a system that is optimized into ensuring your bulk messages are delivered instantly which can be affirmed to by registered clients who have been using the platform for a long time.

 It cannot be denied though that sometimes delayed delivery of messages or non-delivery can happen. This can be due to some factors that we find imperative to consider so that you can know them and work towards ensuring fast delivery of your bulk messages. Some of these factors are:

  • Length of the message
  • Content of the message
  • Network  providers network issues
  • Current status of the recipients numbers
  • Weather
  • Sending to the wrong recipient’s phone number

The beautiful thing is that most of these factors can be controlled. Some of the actions that can be taken to ensure instant delivery of messages are:

Keep it as short as possible: Short messages makes for faster routing to recipients. If your messages are very long it takes a longer time to get them all delivered at the same time.

Ensure you send to active numbers: If the numbers you are sending messages to are switched off or out of network coverage and remains that way throughout the delivery validity period of 48 hours, the recipients won’t get the message. It will simply expire.

Content of the message: Avoid use of words unacceptable by network operators. Some of these include: names of financial institutions, governmental firms, acronyms for government establishments or other registered private organizations. Words used by scammers such as; ‘reward’ ‘call’ ‘Won or win’ e.t.c. might also make your messages not get delivered.

Schedule your messages for a later delivery: Because network problems sometimes are uncontrollable, it is a nice idea to schedule your important messages for a later delivery. With this you can just relax and let us worry about delivery of your messages. Although there are times also when network operators have difficulties delivering messages due to service problem. This is usually once in a while and what you can be sure of is that all messages on cue within a reasonable time period during the service issues will get delivered.

Double check the recipient(s) numbers to ensure they are correct: In many cases, messages do not get delivered to the intended recipient(s) because the person sending the message inexplicably entered a wrong phone number while typing the number. Omission or interspersing of just a digit in the number changes completely the destination of the message, and the intended recipient will not get it.

One good thing about SmartSMS though is that you can check the delivery report for your messages on your own to know which of your recipients has got it and which has not. And just in case some of your recipients didn’t get the message you can tell the reason from the delivery status of each phone number. Nothing satisfies a person sending bulk SMS than to know that his recipients got the messages sent as soon as they are sent. In SmartSMSSolutions, that is our priority and you can help us to serve you better.

 Tell us what you think about the suggestions for fast delivery discussed above in the comment box below. Have you ever sent a bulk SMS before and had a delivery problem? Share the experience with us below.





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