“I’ve Made Payment For Bulk SMS Units But My Account Has Not Been Credited”

  09 June 2015

Most times the need to send bulk messages can be very urgent that delays in getting your bulk SMS account credited can be unforgivable. Some factors though mitigates against instant crediting of your bulk SMS account but the good news is they are avoidable.

Usually bank payments for units involve you filling a deposit slip containing your name the amount you want to pay and the account you are paying into. When you make a payment for bulk SMS units some factors that could cause delay are: 

  • Inability of our crediting staffs to reconcile the name written on the teller with a username on the platform
  • Delayed posting of your payment by the bank 
  • Payment for units done into a wrong account number. 

In view of the aforementioned factors some of the suggestions to ensure quick crediting of your bulk SMS account are:

  • Always pay in with your username
  • Urging the cashiers to post the payment instantly
  • Double-confirm the account number and account name filled on the teller
  • Sending of your payment details i.e. amount paid bank paid into and the username to any of 08035515868 or 07034243326.

When all these steps are strictly adhered to, bank payment for bulk SMS units do not have to be a delayed crediting system. The mandate of our firm in crediting is to credit your account instantly even before you leave the bank. Following these suggestions will make that a possibility. 

If you are too busy to pay to the bank though but still wants instant crediting you could try using Paydirect Bank Branch, Online payment with your ATM card through www.quicteller.com/smartsms or payment on the ATM machine via QuickTeller. With these avenues, payment for your bulk SMS account becomes easy simple and efficient.

Have you made payment for bulk SMS units at time past and your account has not been credited, or it took an uncharacteristically long time period to get it credited?, let us know in the comment box below. Also share with us what your opinion is about our crediting system, how effective you find it.




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