New Portal: Scheduled Messages History

  18 May 2017

The New portal comes with the option of scheduling messages to get them delivered at a later time of your choice. Additionally though, the new Schedule Messages History feature on the New Portal has a lot of amazing features to help handle and edit messages that has been scheduled. Let’s explore it.

  •  To access the scheduled messages history, click on Scheduled Messages on the left menu while on the new portal.


  • This has all the messages you’ve scheduled. It also gives you comprehensive details of the messages, including; Sender ID, Message Content, Time of Delivery, Message Type, Routing details and the Message status, whether its Successful or Pending.


  • It is also possible to view the messages that have been delivered again, or you can decide to completely delete them from the history. You can’t edit messages that have already been delivered however.


  • There are several modifications you can make to messages that are still pending though. The modifications are:
  1. You can change the Sender ID of the message before it eventually get delivered
  2. You can change the Message body before it gets delivered
  3. You can edit the Recipients phone numbers by adding numbers to it, removing from it or correcting one that has already been written.
  4. You can also change the time of delivery of the message
  5. You can change the message type to another before it gets delivered
  6. You can also select a different DND Management option for the message


  • There is also a Cancel button that allows you to completely delete or cancel the pending message. Once this is done, it will not be delivered any longer.


Please check out the brief tutorial video on how the features are positioned on the page and how you can use them below.


Use the comment box for your questions and inquiries.






Scheduled Messages History


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