How to Get Delivery Report for Sent Bulk SMS (User Guide)

  28 November 2014

Get delivery report for your bulk SMS

The new feature added to now makes it possible for our clients to view the status of messages sent through our servers. Below is the step-by-step guide of how to retrieve the delivery report.

Note that it takes about 30 minutes for the operators to start sending Delivery Report. You can learn more about delivery report here. And to know the meaning of status codes returned, click here.

1. Log into your account and visit

2. The page will load a summary of messages sent from your account in the last 60 days

3. Click on “Request DLR” in front of the message you desire to get its delivery report (DLR). A request will be sent to the server

Request DLR

4. When the page reloads, it will display “Processing DLR”. After a few minutes, refresh the page to confirm if the request has been successfully completed. You can also click on the “Processing DLR” to refresh the page.

Processing DLR

5. When the DLR request is completed, you will get the option to view or download the DLR in .txt or .csv format. “View DLR” is not available for large volume of messages but you can still download the DLR.

View or download DLR

6. To view the DLR in the browser right away, click “View DLR”. The summary of the message will be displayed as well as the status codes for each phone number. The same information can be downloaded using the appropriate link. For complete list of the status codes returned, click here.

Delivery status for each phone number

7. You can re-query the DLR one hour after the last query, if the DLR is not available for all the phone numbers. After re-query, the process will be repeated.


Let us know what you think of this solution using the comment box below. You can also use the comment box to send us your questions.




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