New Portal: Uniquely Deliver Absolutely Different Messages to Different Recipient at Different Times (Smart Schedule Option 4)

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Imagine the power to schedule unlimited number of messages for delivery at uniquely different times with a single click. That is the power of SmartSchedule. To use SmartSchedule, you need a CSV file that contains the phone numbers and time of delivery. To use SmartSchedule you need to sign-up for a free account if you don’t already have one, login and visit .


To explain how to use SmartSchedule Type 4 we use the following scenario.




Imagine your wedding is a few days away and you are to meet with different groups of people involved in your wedding preparation. For instance, the committee of friends, aso-ebi girls, the maids of honour, the event servers and the friends of the groom. To unique define each group, you want the Sender IDs to be different. Since the venues of the meetings are not the same, unique messages are required.


This means that the message, the Sender ID and the time of delivery for each of the messages will varies.


The CSV File

The CSV file might look like the one below.

The CSV Format

  • Notice that the first column contains the phone numbers with the header as PHONE.


  • The second column contains the day and time of delivery with header as XTIME


  • The third column header is XSENDER which contains the unique Sender IDs for each messages.


  • The fourth column header is XMESSAGE and it contains the messages.


These are required to ensure delivery of this type of SmartSchedule.


The SmartSchedule Web Page

In this case, the SmartSchedule web page will look like the sample shown below.

Sender ID : Since the Sender IDs are defined in the CSV file, you will need to enter ## to direct the system to the CSV for the Sender IDs.


Message : Since the message has been defined in the CSV, you need to enter ## in the message to direct the system to the CSV for the message content.


Select CSV file : The CSV file we created above will be uploaded to this box.


Use Common Year : This is not necessary in this case as the year in the CSV file is correct. Therefore it will be left blank.


Common Time : In this case we want the messages to deliver at the same, thus we set the common time to 3:00pm. This overwrites the time in the CSV file.


DND Management Option : This can be set at desired.


Finally, we hit the SEND SMS button. The messages will be uploaded scheduled as desired. The next page, after successful schedule shows the messages and their time of delivery. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that the messages have been scheduled correctly.

To use this powerful app is simple as that. Kindly let us know what you think of this feature using the comment box below.






The Smart Schedule Option 4


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