New Portal: Deliver Absolutely Different Messages to Different Recipients at Different Times Using Smart Tags with Similar Sender ID (Smart Schedule Option 6)

  30 November -0001

With SmartSchedule, you can now schedule uniquely crafted birthday best wishes, wedding anniversary congratulatory messages, subscription renewal reminders, etc. in one pass. Combining the powers of SmartCompose and SmartSchedule brings about endless opportunities.


To use SmartSchedule, you need a CSV file that contains the phone numbers and time of delivery. To use SmartSchedule you need to sign-up for a free account if you don’t already have one, login and visit .


To explain how to use SmartSchedule Option 6, we will use the following scenario.




You are the secretary of your association. You have a file containing the wedding dates of your members and you will like to send good will messages on the corresponding dates. You also desire to personalize the message with their names.


This means each message will be unique and dynamically generatedwith different times of delivery. But the Sender ID will be constant for all the messages.


The CSV file

The CSV file might look like the one below.

The CSV Format

  • Notice that the first column contains the phone numbers with the header as PHONE.


  • The second column contains the day of delivery with header as XTIME


  • The third column header is XSENDER which contains the unique Sender IDs for each messages.


  • Columns 4 to 6 utilizes #SmartTag#. You can learn more about SmartTags here


These are required to ensure delivery of this type of SmartSchedule.


The SmartSchedule Web Page

In this case, the SmartSchedule web page will like the sample shown below.

Sender ID : This is what will be seen by recipient as the sender of the message.


Message : The message to be sent to the recipients on the CSV file. You will notice that since the CSV uses #SmartTags#, the corresponding SmartTags holders are also used in the message.


Select CSV file : The CSV file we created above will be uploaded to this box.


Use Common Year : Since what we have is their wedding dates, we set a common year to ensure delivery for the current year.


Common Time : We want all the messages to deliver by 6:30am, therefore we selected a common time for all the messages.


DND Management Option : This can be set at desired.


Finally, we hit the SEND SMS button. The messages will be uploaded and scheduled as desired. The next page, after successful schedule shows the messages and their time of delivery. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that the messages have been scheduled correctly.

To use this powerful app is simple as that. Kindly let us know what you think of this feature using the comment box below.






The Smart Schedule Option 6


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