A Quick Look at the New SMS Portal

  21 March 2017

We’ve informed you that a new version of our SMS portal has been released, a portal with limitless potentials and functionality and we are pretty excited about it. As promised, this New Portal has been designed with real simplicity and absolute intuitiveness. As such, here are some new features of the New SMS Portal which should equally get you excited.

How do I get to the New SMS Portal?

 Because the New SMS Portal is a beta version of the old SMS portal, it is imperative that we separate it completely from the former portal so you can get an exciting experience of the robust new provision. To access the New SMS Portal, visit www.smartsmssolutions.com/new . This is also found as the next option after the SMS PORTAL option on the green menu bar on the website.


What to Expect?

Here are some very beautiful features of the New SMS Portal;

  • SEND SMS : This is the feature which allows you send bulk SMS to your recipients as usual. The difference been that this has many other interesting features added, namely; the cloud compose and the dynamic messaging option (which allows you to send a custom message for a particular recipient).

  • EMAIL-TO-SMS: This feature allows you to send a mail to a recipient and it gets delivered as an SMS. This is very useful especially in situations where you need to send a mail to a non Smartphone user or you need to send a text when away from your phone.

  • STREAMLINED MESSAGE HISTORY: Before now, to get the delivery report for your messages, you need to access as many as 4 user interfaces. This ambiguity and redundancy has been taken care of with the inception of the New SMS Portal, where you can get the delivery report of messages sent, units used and how they were used by the click of just a button. Pretty exciting right?

  • EASIER AND FASTER SMS PURCHASE: With the new options under TRANSACTIONS, you can now purchase SMS units in the twinkle of an eye and get credited in no time. You can equally TRANSFER SMS UNITS now at the spot on the New SMS Portal without having to go through a long process. What more? You can then make instant crediting payment there and there and get credited immediately.

  • DISTRIBUTION LIST: This is the same as the PHONEBOOK GROUP on the old SMS Portal only that this new feature now allows you better manage the distribution list and even send SMS to more than one distribution list at the same time.

  • MORE PHONE NUMBER EXTRACTION OPTIONS: With the new PHONE NUMBER TOOLS option, you can extract phone numbers from different files, text and mobile phones (Android phones, Blackberry and IOS). Super cool right?

  • PHONE VERIFY OPTION: This is the same as the FILTER INVALID PHONE NUMBERS option, with more effectiveness and portability status checking option.

  • 2-WAY MESSAGING: This feature allows you send SMS and get reply from the recipients of the bulk messages. Now, that is another wonderful prospect.

  • ADDME+: With this feature, you can get a dedicated phone number registered and people subscribe to a service you render or get added to your database by sending a keyword to the phone number.

  • SENDFORME: This is the feature that allow you request for assistance is sending your bulk SMS in situations where it is impossible for you to do that yourself. You can then access the message history in later time.

  • SHORT CODES: You can also generate short codes and keywords for your mobile marketing or SMS marketing campaigns.

These are just some of the powerful features the New SMS Portal comes with and many of these are live and available for use already. We sincerely hope this new innovation coupled with the many other value added products and services we have in place already, offers you the solutions you so much desire in mobile marketing and bulk SMS services.


Please get back to us with questions and inquiries using the comment box below. Feel free to also register a free bulk SMS account if you don’t have one already.





Introducing the New Portal


  • 10 Free SMS on Sign-Up
  • 5% Bonus on First Purchase
  • Delivery Report Available
  • Most Affordable Pricing
  • Easy Payment Channels

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