New Portal: How to Store Recipients

  21 March 2017

A lot of buzz has been going on about the New Portal on SmartSMSSolutions which offers boundless solutions in the areas of bulk SMS services and mobile marketing and rightly so. With this New Portal, you can send plain text (SMS) easily; you can get bulk SMS delivered to DND numbers, you can schedule SMS for delivery later with a new and sleek interface and so much more. Storing recipients for use later is another nice feature of the New Portal. Here is how it’s done.



  • Enter all the necessary details of the message on the New Portal Send SMS page, namely; sender ID, recipients and body of the message. See how to send plain text SMS.


  • Select the DND Management option of choice. See here what each option stands for.


  • Click TOGGLE MORE OPTIONS under the DND management.


  • The second option there under schedule is ‘Store Recipients’. The default choice selected is NO, click on Yes.


  • Enter the name of the new group you want to store the recipients on inside the box under ‘Store to a New Group’.


  • If you are adding the recipients to an already existing group, click inside the box under ‘Add to an Existing Group’ and select the name of the group you are adding the recipients to.


  • Once this is done, click on SEND SMS. The message gets sent to the recipients and the phone numbers gets stored in the group you’ve chosen.



  • With the Store Recipients option, you do not need to type the same phone numbers again anytime you need to send SMS to the particular group of numbers.


  • Since you can add recipients from different sources to send SMS to at the same time, it’s a way of getting them together once and for all and not having to go to the different location at all times.


  • You can easily send this group of numbers to another party who might need to use them.


  • If you are not with your device where you might have the phone numbers saved at the particular time you are sending a message, you can easily pull them out of the saved group.


This new feature on the New Portal gives you an opportunity to control and organize your bulk SMS recipients and send SMS to them on the go at ease at any time. Feel free to interact with it.


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Watch the Short Video Tutorial below to see exactly how to do this.





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