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New Portal- How to Send SMS to Distribution List(s)

  21 March 2017
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The ability to save phone numbers in a distribution list and subsequently send bulk SMS to the numbers saved in a list is one of the many options that the New SMS Portal brings with it. Please note that the distribution list is what was formerly known as phone book group on the old SMS Portal page. Here is how to send bulk SMS to distribution list(s).





  • Under ‘Recipients’, click on ‘SELECT DISTRIBUTION LIST(S).


  • Click inside the box next to the distribution list(s) you want to send SMS to. Note that you can select more than one distribution list to send the same SMS to at the same time.


  • Once this is done, compose the body of your SMS and click on SEND SMS.


The message will then get delivered instantly to all the phone numbers in the distribution list(s) you’ve selected.



  • With distribution list, you do not have to always type your phone numbers anytime you want to send bulk SMS to particular recipients. This saves time and energy.


  • You can easily share your recipients’ phone numbers with others who might need to use them.


  • You can always send bulk SMS to the same group of persons regardless of the device you are using, be it a mobile phone, a computer or another device that isn’t yours.


  • You can send the same SMS to different groups of recipients all at the same time.


Simplicity and quality service is what we stand for, giving you the best SMS experience. The provision of the new distribution list feature makes this absolutely possible.


Drop your questions and inquiries on how to use the distribution list in the comment box below.


See the Short Video Tutorial below to see exactly how to do this.





How to Send SMS to Phone Numbers in a Distribution List
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