The Beta Version of our New Send SMS Portal is Released!

  15 March 2017

New Send SMS Page - Launch

After months of development, the wait is finally over! Our new SMS Portal is now available in beta release. The new SMS Portal has been rebuilt from scratch. Running on our new API-x framework, this new portal has taken all the existing functionality to new heights while adding new cool tools and features. Our goal is to create functional bulk SMS tools that are more intuitive, smarter (like our name) and simpler to interact with.

What is new About the Send SMS Page?


The first thing you will notice about the new page is its simplicity. We settled for fonts that react better with mobile devices and we applied a lot of space.

Multiple Recipients Options

With the new Send SMS page, you can type in phone numbers, upload recipients from a file and select multiple distribution list (formerly known as phone book) all at once.

Multiple Upload file support

This new send SMS page supports ten (10) file types! These are:

  • Plain text (.txt)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Comma Separated File (.csv)
  • Excel 2003 (.xls)
  • Excel 2007+ (.xlsx)
  • Word 2003 (.doc)
  • Word 2007+ (.docx)
  • Open Document (.odt)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • vCard (.vcf)

What more can you ask for?

Unicode Message Support

The new platform now supports Unicode SMS. Unicode messaging allows you send SMS in languages with non-Latin characters such as Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew. A good number of Nigerian languages also contain non-Latin characters such as ẹ̀, ọ̀, ị, ụ, besides numerous others.

Flash Messages Support

You can send flash messages on the new Send SMS page. While regular SMS are stored on the recipient’s phone, flash messages appear directly on the main screen without any user interaction and are not automatically stored on the phone. Although, the recipient still have the option of saving the message. Flash messages are very ideal in the following situation:

  • You are worried that the recipient might not have enough storage space on his/her mobile phone
  • The information you are sending is sensitive and you are afraid that its content might be compromised if it is stored on the phone by default.
  • The information is urgent and needs immediate attention

Corporate Support

The option has been improved and reduced to just three (3). DND status of phone numbers are now sourced real-time eliminating the need to deduct units. Kindly use option 2 or 3, depending the one that suits your need, when you want your message to deliver to phone numbers on DND. Also, note that delivery via the Corporate Route is billed at 2 units per SMS.

DND Billing Discontinued

Instead of first deducting units for DND phone numbers and later refund them, the new Send SMS page is does not even bill for DND in the first place.

Instant Delivery to Phone Numbers on DND

Delivery to all phone numbers including those on DND now happen at the same time.

Single Page Message History

On the old Send SMS page, getting the full picture of sent messages involves interacting with 5 different web pages. This has been discontinued! Details of sent messages, the delivery report and analysis of billing are now presented on a single page. Talk about simplicity!

We are Super Excited!

We are super excited about this new portal and we are sure you will love it. This is a very big year for us! We currently working on new tools and features to make your messaging experience super interesting. A whole lot of love and attention went into making this new SMS portal. We sincerely thank you for your support and continued patronage.

We look forward to your feedback, kindly use the comment box below to let us know what you think and to let us know of any bug you might have noticed. We look forward to your feedback.

 Watch the brief video below to see what to expect on the New Portal and why we are excited about it.





Introducing the New Portal


  • 10 Free SMS on Sign-Up
  • 5% Bonus on First Purchase
  • Delivery Report Available
  • Most Affordable Pricing
  • Easy Payment Channels

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