How to Generate an API-x Token

  31 January 2017

API-x, the only SMS API that delivers to DND phone numbers, is a token based API for sending SMS. The token system provides better security since it can be used without the fear of revealing your login credentials.

API-x tokens are free and can be used as frequently as needed. To get a token you will need to sign-up for an account. If you already have an account you can follow the steps below to generate a token

1. Visit

2. Click on the “Create New API Token” Button. The Token creation form will be revealed.

3. Fill in the required details


A 25 characters word to identify the API. Any alphanumeric word is allowed.


A short description of choice to provide better explanation for the use of the token. This might explain the purpose of the TOKEN, where it will be used and who will be using it.


If you want the token to expire after a period time, specify the date here or leave blank to use perpetually.

Check Balance

This option is to be set to "Yes" if you want the token to be able to retrieve the SMS balance. This might be necessary if you will be using the TOKEN in a client environment and you will not want them to have access to your SMS balance, then you will set it to "NO"


4. After you are done, click the “Generate API-x Token” button.

5. Your token will be revealed, once it is generated.



How to View and Edit My API-x Tokens

The API-x Token page also lists all the available tokens. From the list, click on the Details button in from your desired token entry to view and edit.

The page presented is very similar to the one for creating a new token.


The the title you entered while generating the token. The title uniquely identifies the token and cannot be edited.

Token Value

This the token that will used to connect with your SmartSMSSolutions' account. Keep it safe.


A short description of choice you entered to provide better explanation for the use of the token. This is editable. You can adjust it should it become necessary. The description is private to you.


If you want the token to expire after a period time or remove the expiration, you can adjust as the needed.

Check Balance

This option too editable. And serves the purpose described above.


This dictates if you want to keep the API active or disable it for a period of time. A disable token will not work until re-enabled.

Delete Token

When this is option is selected, note that the token will be totally removed from the server. This action is irreversible. If you the token might still be needed in the future, it is best to just disable it temporarily.

Date Created

This gives the information about the creation date

Last Accessed

The last time the Token was used

Access Count

How often has the token be used.


If you make any adjustment to the token parameters, click on "Save Changes" to confirm and update the changes.

To return to the Token List page without saving the changes, click on Return to Previous Page.




How to Create a New API-x Token


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