API-x Parameters – The SMS API that Delivers to Phone Numbers on DND

  31 January 2017

This page contain information on how to quickly integrate API-x into any of your application using the HTTPS API interface. API-x is a token based SMS API that can be used to send SMS (Plain text, Flash SMS, Unicode SMS and Flash Unicode SMS), get SMS balance and accept delivery report for messages sent.

API-x is based on REST standards, enabling you to use your browser for accessing URLs. Use any HTTP client in any programming language to interact with API-x.

First Step

To be able to use API-x, you need to have a SmartSMSSolutions account. If you are not registered yet, please sign-up first. Then, generate the access token to be used with the API. You can generate as many as 20 different API tokens per account.

Base URL


Submit all requests to the base URL. All the requests are submitted through HTTPS POST or GET method. Although you can use HTTP protocol, we strongly recommend you to submit all requests to API-x over HTTPS so the traffic is encrypted and the privacy is ensured.


Parameters to be sent to the base URL can be divided into Required and optional

Required Parameters

Parameter Title

Parameter Value


Sender ID


This is what the recipients of the messages will see as the sender of the message. This must be 11 characters or less. Longer sender ids are automatically shortened to meet the standard. This should be URL encoded when using the GET protocol.

Recipients or the Phone Numbers


These are the phone numbers the messages are to be sent to. Multiple phone numbers are to be separated by a comma ‘,’ or space. Large quantities of phone numbers can be called via the POST method. Recipients via the GET method are advised to be limited to 100 phone numbers at once. This is to avoid the possibilities of running into the HTTPS Error 400 (Bad Request - Request Too Long).

New Feature: The API can now extract Nigerian phone number for a body of text string.



The message you will like to send to the recipients. This should be URL encoded when using the GET protocol.

Message Type


This specify the type of message you want to send. Valid types are:

0: Plain Text

1: Flash Plain Text

2: Unicode SMS

6: Unicode Flash SMS

Note: 70 characters makes a page of 1-page Unicode SMS, while 63 characters makes a page for multiple pages Unicode SMS



Set how you want the phone numbers on DND to be handled. Valid options are:

1 = Filter DND Phone numbers before sending SMS

2 = Send all messages via the Basic Route. DND phone numbers are not charged

3= Send message via the Basic route but send to those on DND via the Corporate Route.

4= Use corporate route for all the phone numbers

Note: Note that the pricing of the corporate route is different from the basic route. Kindly visit our Pricing Page for details.



This is the access token that authorizes the delivery of the message. You can generate on our Access Token Page.



Parameter Title

Parameter Value




Set the message to be scheduled for future delivery. Accepted format are below:

- YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM eg 2018-01-01 08:10 (24 hour format)

- DD Month YYYY HH:MM eg 01 January 2018 15:30 (24 hour format)


Sample Query String to Send SMS using API-x


If we are to send the message “Hello world” to the phone number 08035515868 with Sender ID “Wehdone Sir” as a Plain Text (type=0) and to use corporate for phone numbers on DND (routing=3) our query string will look like the string below.


Where {token} is replaced with the token generated from the API-x token page. We also have a comprehensive userguide on how to generate API-x access token.

How to Check the Credit Balance with API-x

The Base URL is the same as above. To check balance, two parameters are required. The checkbalance parameters that must be set to 1 and the token.

Parameter Title

Parameter Value


Check Balance

This parameter defaults the API-x call to check the credit balance. The value must be set to 1.


This is the access token that authorizes the delivery of the message. You can generate on our Access Token Page.


Below is a sample API-x string to check credit balance:


Should you need further clarification, kindly mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and of our experienced Technical Support will readily available to provide the needed support. You may also want to post, your question using comment box below.




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