RECAP: Who Can You Refer to SmartSMSSolutions to Increase Your Referral Points Drastically?

  17 October 2016

Sometime ago on this platform, we gave you a wonderful insight on a 3 parts article on who and who to refer to SmartSMSSolutions to get more free SMS units and cash on the SmartSMS rewarding Refer and Earn program. Here is a brief summary of the three parts on ALL those you could refer to increase your referral points massively in no time.




1. Associations: The major and most convenient way of disseminating information for most associations, is through bulk SMS. Many are currently using this on SmartSMSSolutions. So, if you belong to one or know of any around you, it’s a nice shot to give them a shot.


2. Schools: The advantages of bulk SMS for schools cannot be overemphasized. It can be used for communicating tuition fees, PTA meetings, and upcoming occasions among others. You could also reach out to schools you know and add them to your referral tree.


3. Tertiary Institutions Bodies: The departmental bodies, faculty bodies, religious groups, SUG e.t.c. use bulk SMS service extensively. If you are a student or work in an institution environment, you should take advantage of this.


4. Politicians: Modern day politics is beginning to see the importance of bulk SMS as a channel for running a campaign program, send manifestos e.t.c. You could reach out to those you know and sell this idea to them if they do not know of the importance already.


5. Businesses: Bulk SMS marketing and advert placement is getting much emphasis lately. People are starting to see the role of bulk SMS in helping their business grow in leaps and bounds. You can also reach out to such business owners as part of your referral tree.


6. Firms/Organisations: NGOs, government organizations and other private firms use bulk SMS for many things, ranging from awareness for meetings, conferences and other things. You could also refer such ones.






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