3 Major Factors Responsible for Delayed Crediting after Payment-#2

  03 October 2016

We are looking at the major factors that might cause delay in crediting your bulk SMS account after making payment for bulk SMS units. Recognizing these reasons will help you either avoid it altogether or deal with it when it happens.


One factor has already been discussed. See here what it is and how to avoid been a victim if you’ve not done so already. Now we look at a second reason for delayed crediting of bulk SMS account after making payment.


Reason 2 for Delayed Crediting- Delayed Posting of your Payment by the Bank

Making payment or bank deposit on the counter using a filled bank deposit slip is just a first step towards getting the money into the account of your choice. The bank cashiers will have to post the money to the destination account before it gets there. It doesn’t happen automatically.


Because of the load of work for bank cahiers most times though, posting of payments made on the bank counter might not be posted immediately. These might be piled up and posting postponed for a later time. This sometimes might cause delay in crediting your bulk SMS account.


How to Avoid This

While it is true that leaving payments for a long time do not happen at all times but as the situation demands, there are still measures you can take to ensure your payment gets down here as soon as possible. If it has become a norm at the your bank to keep bank tellers in bulk before posting, or if there is a crowd on ground and you foresee that, you could tactfully urge the cashier to post yours immediately due to its urgency. They wouldn’t have a problem obliging.


Doing this might help ensure your payment for bulk SMS units gets to the firm soon enough, and your account gets credited in no time.

Have you made payment for bulk SMS units at time past and your account has not been credited, or it took an uncharacteristically long time period to get it credited?, let us know in the comment box below. Also share with us what your opinion is about our crediting system, how effective you find it.



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