What You Need to Know About Your Purchase ID

  18 November 2014

Purchase ID is the unique 10-digit code that enables you get SMS units you purchased immediately while paying through our Automated Payment System. Payments on our platforms are becoming automated, that is, you get credited instantly when you make payment through the PayDirect at the bank branch, Quickteller and all its associated interfaces and online via any Naira Debit Card (ATM Card).

This removes the need to send any payment details or call our customer care line after making payments. We love and appreciate you and we want to remove all the issues associated with paying for any of our services.

To be able to use this services, you will need to know and use the unique identifier that is associated with your account called PURCHASE ID. See your Purchase ID here.

Purchase ID - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Purchase ID?

Purchase ID is the unique 10-digit numeric identifier for each of our registered client needed for making payment through our Automated Payment System (APS).

How can I get my Purchase ID?

You can get your Purchase ID through any of the following means:

1. Visit the Purchase ID page at http://xmx1.com/pid

2. Visit your profile page at http://xmx1.com/registration

3. On the Send SMS page

What is the Automated Payment System (APS)?

The Automated Payment System makes it possible for your SMS account to be credited instantly whenever you make payment. The system include:

1. PayDirect: PayDirect is an electronic payment solution powered by Interswitch. You can use PayDirect at any Bank Branch in Nigeria. Your account get credited instantly when you use PayDirect. Purchase ID required.

2. QuickTeller on ATM Machines: Get credited instantly when you pay for SMS on any QuickTeller enabled ATM machine. Our Payment Code is 04126401. Purchase ID required.

3. QuickTeller Website: SmartSMSSolutions is available via QuickTeller website at https://www.quickteller.com/smartsms. Your SMS account get credited instantly when you pay on QuickTeller website. Purchase ID required.

4. Other Quickteller Channels: If you have a Verve card and you have activated Safetoken from your bank you can also use any of the following Quickteller platforms to make purchases and be credited immediately:

a. QuickTeller Mobile Website

b. QuickTeller Mobile App

c. QuickTeller Voice Prompt

d. QuickTeller USSD

Is it the same as my Client ID?

No. It is different. Client ID is used in connection with our referral programme and it is of varying length while the Purchase ID is a 10-digit numeric ID which is required solely when making payments through the Automated Payment System.

Is it the same as my username or registered email address?

No. It is different. Your username and your registered email address controls your log-ins and identifies you through the website but your Purchase ID is a 10-digit numeric ID which is required solely when making payments through the Automated Payment System.

Can I log in with my Purchase ID?

No. You will need to login with your username (or email address) and your password.

Can I change my Purchase ID?

Purchase IDs are uniquely generated for each client and cannot be changed

Does my Purchase ID change with every transaction?

No. Your Purchase is constant and unique to you.

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What is my Purchase ID


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