Top 5 Reasons You Must Choose SMS Marketing Over any Other Online Marketing Strategies- #1

  22 August 2016

With the advent of the internet and more sophisticated technology, many marketers have lots of marketing channels which they use in advertising their products and services and also keeping their existing clients engaged, thereby staying ahead of the competition.


One of the most widely used mediums of marketing today is the email and bulk SMS. While Email has had a longer stay, bulk SMS is in a competition with it for which is more valuable for use as a marketing channel.


Let us take a moment and consider the major areas key to a successful marketing campaign and see how both fare in the area of cost.



1. COST: One of the primary things a business marketer must consider in any marketing campaign is the cost of embarking on such an adventure.


  • EMAIL : When it comes to cost, Email marketing is relatively very cheap to carry out. Once the email address has been gotten, it cost little to push out your email marketing messages to the recipients. The demerit here is that it usually involves more personnel to carryout, which when considered from the larger picture, is adding to the cost of the campaign.


  • BULK SMS : Truth be told, while compared to other mediums of marketing, bulk SMS is also quite cheap. And the merit here over email is that bulk SMS is easier to carryout, requiring less personnel to carry it out. And it is equally easier to automate the bulk SMS marketing process, ensuring man-power can be focused on other areas.


  • RESULT/SCORE : In the area of cost, both can’t really be separated. This is because while email seems to be cheaper, the need for fewer personnel for bulk SMS as compared to Email makes it much cheaper to carry out.


So, in terms of cost management, Bulk SMS is a sure competitor with other online and offline marketing strategies.


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