Major Reasons for Bulk SMS Delivery Failure- Reason #1

  25 July 2016

Of paramount importance to all bulk SMS service users, is instant delivery of bulk SMS to recipients as soon as they are sent, and rightly so. For one thing, it is annoying to get charged for messages sent while the supposed recipients don’t get it. For another thing, the urgency of the message sometimes makes failed delivery unforgivable.


In the coming series of articles, we look at 8 major reasons why you might experience bulk SMS delivery failure, so you can identify these and either avoid them if possible and/or handle them in the right way.

 Reason 1 for Bulk SMS Delivery Failure- Use of Scam Related Words in Sender ID and Message Content

This is one of the major causes of bulk SMS delivery failure. GSM operators who are responsible for delivering messages might stop a message from getting delivered if it is screened and found to contain unsolicited content (spam) or words that are used by fraudsters (scam). It is good therefore to avoid the use of these words in our sent messages to avoid delivery problem arising from this..


Interestingly also, SmartSMSSolutions have put up a filtering system that contains some of the rejected words, so the system can alert you if your message contains them. This is updated regularly as more words are discovered. Learn more about words and word combinations not allowed as sender IDs and in the content of a message .


In order for you to know the delivery status of your sent messages and also to understand why your sent messages did not get delivered in cases when they don’t, at SmartSMSSolutions, there is an ability to check delivery report for your sent messages. Also, we’ve put together the different delivery status codes and what they stand for .


It is our abiding interest here at SmartSMSSolutions to get your sent messages delivered and the system down here is optimized to do just that provided the above factors are effectively handled. We hope this information helps. Free bulk SMS account registration is still on. Sign up one if you do not have presently.






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