The Secret to Everyday Growth in your Business as a Graphics Designer

  06 June 2016

Graphics design business just as Web design is a lucrative Job opportunity in Nigeria today with many potentials of getting patronizes. One major challenge faced by graphics designers is increasing the customer base as most times they have to make do with the ones they already have. Worry not though; we already considered how to do that. See how to increase your customer base by 100% in a month.


Once you’ve gathered an exciting base of clients though, the next challenge lies in making them come back to you anytime they need the service. Learn how to drive repeat sales here. Another important thing you must give attention to in your line of business though is its development. You can’t be doing the same thing year in year out and expect a different result. You must learn new tricks.


The number secret to growth and development in your chosen line of business is constructive albeit objective criticism. Of course, you should be your number critic. But also, a nice place to get this is from your large customer base. This can be accomplished through feedbacks.


Every organization thrives on feedbacks. At chosen times, ask your clients questions, suggestions, opinions and general contribution on the service you render. A simple question like “What can we do for you today that can move your rating of us up by 50%?” might do wonders you never imagined for your business. That is how you find out things you didn’t know before and improve on it.


Bulk SMS is an effective tool for getting feedbacks. Simply send the SMS to your clients including a dedicated line where they can forward the feedbacks. And when you get them, act on them. That is the surest place for you to grow.


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