How NYSC Camps OBS can use Bulk SMS for Important Updates

  29 April 2016

You’ll never get enough of important updates and directives during your three (3) weeks stay on NYSC orientation camp. If left on your own, most of these updates and important directives might pass you by, but thanks in part to the Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS), that communication gap is bridged.


The OBS serves as the mouthpiece of the Camp officials and platoon leaders. Platoon meetings, lectures update, sanitation arrangement and reports of events happening on camp, among other things are all communicated to Corp members through the OBS crew. Corp members who are interested and qualified for this service are encouraged to join.


One major challenge the OBS group face though is ensuring the necessary updates get into the ears of every Corp members as at when due. This becomes a challenge because the OBS do not work like the traditional town crier who goes round the town with information. The OBS studio is stationed at a particular location and the information passed across is done via a public address system. So, what happens to Corp members who are in their hostels? What happens to the ones who are in other places far from where the station is and the speaker do not get to them? Definitely, another effective and cheap communication system will be welcomed.


With bulk SMS, you do not only get a communication tool that is cheap and affordable, you also get one that is outstandingly efficient in the areas of instant delivery and efficiency. Registration is free on SmartSMSSolutions. Register an account for your Camp OBS and see how it eases up communication with Corp members during the orientation course.


Get back to us for assistance and inquiries in the comment box below.






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