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How to Organize Launching of CDS Projects Using Bulk SMS

  22 April 2016
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We’ve already seen on this platform that one of the major objectives of an NYSC CDS group is to embark on a CDS project during the course of their service year that will benefit the community they find themselves. We’ve equally seen how bulk SMS can be used to advertise such projects. Once completed though, next comes project launching.


During launching of such projects, you get the opportunity to showcase your executed projects to the general public, top NYSC and government officials inclusive. This might also be a perfect avenue for fundraising, where most of the expenses spent on executing that project can be defrayed.


Once your CDS project is completed and ready to be launched get a list of all the dignitaries and top officials you want to grace the occasion. Send an official letter to such ones notifying them of the launching ceremony and inviting them to grace the occasion.


Just an invitation letter though isn’t enough; you need to send these ones reminders. That is where bulk SMS comes in as you can’t possibly keep visiting them in person every day. Simply compose a reminder SMS and send to all those in question or their secretaries. This ensures they keep the date in mind.


Also remember that you need fellow Corp members at the launching ceremony. You can equally get the phone contacts of these ones from their respective CDS groups and also intimate them of such projects. And a massive campaign can also be done in the community where the project is situated for people to turn out in mass.


So who still says your CDS group doesn’t need a bulk SMS account? Register your free account right away and watch it move your CDS group to great heights.


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