How NYSC CDS Groups can use Bulk SMS for Public Awareness Campaign

  19 April 2016

Based on one of the most important aim of the NYSC scheme, for serving Corp members to provide worthwhile service to the community they are, most of the Community Development Service(CDS) groups have as part of their service, sensitization to the public on various important matters.


These public sensitization most times are in form of lectures being delivered to the target group that will benefit from the objective of the CDS group. Organizing these sensitization may sometimes be difficult. We’ve seen how bulk SMS can make the organization easier. See here.


Apart from sensitization lectures though, sometimes there may be need to go on Public campaigns or rallies to also intimate people of important updates you want them to know. Getting everyone to turn up for this might sometimes seem difficult also. With bulk SMS though, this challenge can easily be tackled. You simply send a reminder to all the Corp members in your CDS group on that day or a day before, giving details on how to go about it. This gets everyone informed and they turn up on that day.


Additionally, there is another effective use of bulk SMS for this purpose. You can do a bulk SMS campaign. During one of the public sensitization, you get phone numbers of the public that will benefit from what your group stands for. Then, you send timely and regular updates or information to these ones using bulk SMS. They get this as an instant SMS on their phones, open and digest in matter of seconds and save you a whole lot of energy and time.


The best service you can ever render is service to humanity. You get the satisfaction you have contributed immensely to the growth, development and intellectual capacity of the community in which you find yourself. Bulk SMS just makes this easier for you.


Register a bulk SMS account if you’ve done so already. Registration is free. See how this communication tool transforms your NYSC CDS Group.






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