NYSC CDS Group and Bulk SMS- Communicating Updates from Meetings with Members

  05 April 2016

The importance of effective communication within an NYSC CDS group cannot be overemphasized. We have equally considered the various ways the use of bulk SMS comes in towards efficient organization of the group. Click here to see.



By using bulk SMS to send CDS meeting reminders to all the members; there is a bigger chance of having a full house on the meeting day. But even with this, it is impossible to always have everyone present at every CDS meeting. The reason for this been that individual circumstances differ, and also unexpected emergencies might cause some to be absent.


Those who are not able to make it to the weekly meeting for unavoidable reasons deserves to know what major decisions were made in their absence or outstanding decisions yet to be made on which their opinions matters. Additionally, even those present at the meeting equally deserve a recap of the major points discussed to keep these in their memories.


With bulk SMS, it becomes very easy to send this update across to everybody at the same time, and at a very cheap price at that. All you need to do is just login to your bulk SMS account, compose a short message itemizing all the major points considered and send to all concerned.


With this initiative, the Corp members in your CDS group see that the EXCOS really have their best interests at heart, everyone is carried along and it makes for a smooth administration during the duration of the service year. What more? The projects the group plans to embark on are carried out more easily.


Register a free account with SmartSMSSolutions if you’ve not done so already, and see how it bridges any gap between the EXCOS of a CDS group and all its members.






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