Using Bulk SMS to Teach Students during Holidays- A New Initiative That Works

  28 March 2016

The school has closed? Students are back home with their parents full time? The teachers have the priceless opportunity yet again to take a deserved rest and get ready for the new term. As a school proprietor though, your work is just getting started.



It has become a common trend for there to be changes in population in a school at the beginning of a new term. This change sometimes might be positive, i.e. an increase and sometimes it might be negative, a decrease. The latter being something no school owner wants. In order to avoid this then, it is imperative that school proprietors work hard at all times to keep the existing students and add more.


A major step that can be taken towards keeping the existing population and even attract more is continuing the teaching process even when students are on holidays. This doesn’t necessarily have to involve gathering the students back at school during their holidays, as few students will savor that experience. An alternative yet effective communication system for this purpose can be used.


Bulk SMS is a proven answer. Among the things that can be communicated through this means are current affairs facts, basic reminders on different subjects, tips and tricks on a subject, riddles and brain teasers e.t.c.


What this does apart from carrying the students along even while on holiday is that it also keeps their brains fresh and active, as many of them are guilty of switching off so to speak during holidays. In cases of brain teasers or quiz, you can even get a response back from them and put prices up for those who gets it correctly. There is a big chance their parents get involved and your school remains in their head, a good omen for the new term.


It’s time to move away from the conventional way of doing things and give this new initiative a try. That might just be what you need to stop losing students every term but instead start growing the school population.


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This definitely won’t work in Nigeria, or will it? Get back to us in the comment box below.






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