NYSC CDS Groups and Bulk SMS- Using SMS for Monthly Clearance Reminders

  16 March 2016

“Communication is the real work of leadership”- Nitin Nohria (Dean of Harvard Business School). This short yet powerful statement just goes to show the massive importance of communication in any organization or association, your NYSC CDS group inclusive.


The role of active, regular and effective communication in a CDS group cannot be overemphasized. From regular meeting reminders to payment of dues reminders, to organizing of EXCOS elections, communicate arrangement for social gatherings, and even for emergencies. And the list goes on and on.



Another role bulk SMS can play in ensuring efficient communication within a CDS group, thereby validating the leadership role of the group EXCOS as excellent is in the area of monthly clearance reminders.



Every serving youth Corp member knows the importance of monthly clearance, both from the CDS group and from the place of primary assignment. It is no news that these are very essential for the Corp member to get his/her monthly allowance.


Many times though, some members of the CDS group may be unavoidably absent during meeting days preceding the CDS clearance date. These ones will need to get updated on when the clearance will take place so they do not miss out. Corp members who have always sacrificed time and resources to be present at every CDS meeting during the month also deserve reminders for such things.


In respect to the general clearance also done at the NYSC zonal offices, it is the responsibility of CDS EXCOS to get the exact date of the clearance and intimate all the other members of this, which can be done effectively through bulk SMS. This will ensure everyone is duly informed, and no one miss out on this as missing out can be very costly.


So sign up your free bulk SMS account if you’ve not done so already. Its uses are endless. Once it’s done, you can then use it for regular end of the month clearance reminders and earn the love and respect of the whole members. That is what a leader does; put other people’s interest first.


Your contributions to this or other related matters are welcomed.






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