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How School Proprietors can Use Bulk SMS to get Feedbacks from Parents

  03 March 2016
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An American Politician who serves as the president of Arizona from 1997 to 2003, Jane Dee Hull, once said “At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of the parents”. Those words are in no way far from the truth.



Parents have a key role to play in the development of their children both at home and in school. Little wonder then that the Parents-Teachers Association forum has been set up in many schools, where these two important personalities in a child’s development come together and see ways to help him/her succeed.


To realize the major objectives of this forum, effective communication between both parties is very important. We’ve seen the role of bulk SMS in organizing PTA meetings, also in communicating PTA meeting reports, and in communicating urgent changes in PTA meetings arrangement.


Another important thing that bulk SMS can be used for though is to get feedback from parents. To have a platform where parents and the school authority are satisfied and the child also thrives, a two way communication between the school and the parent(s) is very important.



First and foremost, the school should have a registered bulk SMS account, one which will be used to send the bulk SMS requesting for feedback. Also, the school should have a phone number primarily dedicated for this purpose, which the parents can send their feedback to.


Here a few feedback that could be gotten through this means:


  • Feedbacks on general complaints or limitations of the school which the parents would want the authority to improve on can be obtained.


  • Thoughts on a general resolution made in a recent PTA meeting can be gotten from each parent.


  •  When less weighty decisions have to be taken but needs the opinions of the parents, bulk SMS can be used to get the opinions in, especially in cases where holding a meeting instantly isn’t feasible.


  • Suggestions on areas where the school authority can improve on can also be gotten from the parents through this means.


By using bulk SMS to get feedback, what you are doing is making an open and effective communication between you and your student's parents, which is what your success and that of the child thrives on in the long run. You get the trust and confidence of the parents, keep the population growing and watch your school soar to great heights.


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