How School Proprietors can Use Bulk SMS for Tuition Fees Payment Reminders

  16 February 2016

The Primary and Secondary schools have returned from the Christmas holidays for a long time now. Tuition fees payment is overdue already. It could be quite challenging though most times to get all the students to pay their school fees promptly, given that some do not even remember to mention this at home to their parents.


An effective communication system between the school management and the parents then is very important to facilitate easy collection of the tuition fees. Bulk SMS can solve this pressing need. With bulk SMS, you have a communication channel that gets to the parents/guardians directly and very cheap at that. You can equally customize the sender ID to be the name of your school. All you need to do is very simple.



First and foremost, get the phone numbers of the students’ parents. This can be gotten at one of the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) meetings organized to have important discussions with parents. Also, the phone numbers of the parents can be requested through the students, telling them to inform their parents of the use of the contact. Additionally, for schools that have a website, parents can also drop their phone contacts through this means.


Once you have the phone contact of the parents, then you need to register a free bulk SMS account. On the bulk SMS account, you can save the phone numbers in an online phonebook. Also, if you have the phone contacts on your mobile phone, you can extract the numbers out using our SmartSMSSolutions’ phone number extractor.


Then, go to your bulk SMS account, and compose the SMS informing the parents of the tuition fee and the due time for payment. You might want to send multiple messages spread across a time period leading to the deadline day. This serves as timely reminders to the parents to pay up their kids tuition fees, which in turn helps facilitate smooth operation of your school.


Your questions and inquiries on the use of a bulk SMS account on SmartSMSSolutions are welcomed. Use the comment box below for that purpose.






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