How to Download Extracted Phone Numbers as TXT File

  19 January 2016

You need no introduction any longer to SmartSMSSolutions latest application that offers you boundless opportunities in the area of SMS marketing. It is the phone number extractor which allows you extract Nigerian phone numbers from a text, a saved file and even those saved on your mobile phone.


One beautiful thing about this application though is that the phone numbers extracted are not limited to use on SmartSMSSolutions bulk SMS platform only, but can be used anywhere else once extracted. To accomplish this, there is a provision to download the extracted phone numbers as either a CSV file or a TXT file for other uses.


We have already considered how to download extracted phone numbers as CSV file. If you missed it, see here. Here is a brief step by step tutorial on how to download extracted phone numbers as TXT file.




  • Click on ‘Extraction History’ found at the bottom of the homepage.



  • You’ll need to login to your bulk SMS account if you are not currently. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up here, get free SMS units.


  • Locate the particular file that contains the phone numbers you’ve extracted which you wish to download.


  • Click on ‘Download as TXT’ found on the last column of the phone number extraction history



  • A dialog box pops up. Then, click on ‘Save File’




  • Thus, the file containing these phone numbers gets downloaded on your computer, and you can find this file under your downloaded items.


  • When you open the downloaded file, it opens in a Notepad. Here, the numbers are listed out, and you can then copy them into any other location of your choice or use on any other platform you desire.


So, the ultimate phone number extractor can be used at anytime to extract phone numbers at ease and equally go outside the walls of SmartSMSSolutions to use the numbers extracted, with all these coming at no cost. Isn’t that just amazing?


You can still own an account with Nigeria’s largest and fastest growing bulk SMS service provider. Register a free account if you do not have one.


Your contributions in terms of questions, inquiries and opinions on this article are welcomed. The comment box below is meant for that purpose.





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