How to Extract Nigerian Phone Numbers from Open Document Text Format (.odt)

  13 January 2016

SmartSMSSolutions phone number extractor  has the capacity to extract Nigerian phone numbers from a copied text,  from a Microsoft word document file 97-2003 version and the 2007-2015 version, from a Microsoft Excel file 97-2003 version and the 2007-2015 version, from Rich Text Format document file, Plain Text File, Comma Separated values and Open document text format.


Here is a brief tutorial on how to extract Nigerian phone numbers from an open document text format.



The Open Document Text Format (.odt) is a similar file type to a word document (.docx) file. Open Document Text Format files are compatible with word documents and many other open source applications.


When documents are saved in the Open Document Text Format, you have the suffix '.odt' attached to the saved file.




  • Before going to the phone number extractor application, have the Open Document Text Format document file saved on your computer, either on your desktop or another desired location.



  • When you get there, scroll down on the first page you see and click on ‘Extract from File’. You’ll be required to login to your bulk SMS account if you’ve not done so already. Don’t have an account? Sign up now for free.



  • Then, in front of the box tagged select a file, click on ‘Browse’



  • A dialog box will pop-up where you now go to the folder or location where you’ve saved the ODT file and select it, or input the name of the saved file inside the box tagged ‘File Name’. That’s why it’s important to note where it is saved and the name used to save it.


  • Once you’ve located it, click on ‘Open’ and the file transfers to the application.


  • At this point, select one among the options for saving to a PhoneBook or not that follows. If you want to add the number to an existing PhoneBook or a new one. If not, click on ‘Don’t save’.


  • If you do not desire to separate the extracted numbers by network, then proceed to the next box. If you do, click inside the box next to it.


  • Once this is done, click on ‘Extract’.




  • If you have phone numbers saved inside the file you’ve selected, the numbers becomes extracted instantly and you get a success alert. If there are no phone numbers saved inside the document, you get an error alert and you need to revisit the file to ensure the numbers are there and correct the discrepancy.



  • Thus, you have the numbers extracted from the saved Open Document Text Format and you can then access them at later times.


Follow the steps outlined above whenever you want to extract Nigerian phone numbers from an Open Document Text Format using SmartSMSSolutions' unique phone  number extractor.


If you do not have a registered bulk SMS account yet with SmartSMSSolutions, register here now and get free SMS units instantly.


Do you have any question or inquiry on the use of the phone number extractor for extracting Nigerian phone numbers from an Open Document Text Format? Let us know in the comment box below.





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