Top 10 Reasons to Run an End of The Year Business Promo-#9. Beat All Competition

  19 November 2015


‘If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will’. These are the words of Canadian inspirational speaker Bob Hooey. That powerful statement couldn’t be anything short of true. If you are a business marketer, you must come to grips with the fact that there are many businesses out there ever ready to offer what you give to your customers or even more if you lapse.


Getting ahead of your competitors is one reason why you should consider running an end of the year business promo as we are going to see in just a moment. This is going to be the 9th major reason to run an end of the year business promo.


We’ve already seen how an end of the year business promo can help you get new customers, how it can lead to repeat sales, how it can assist in waking up sleeping customers, promo’s role in reviving interest in a fading product and how it can help you keep all existing customers. Also, we have seen how an end of the year business promo can help you boost sales and increase profit, why it is a perfect avenue to announce new product/service, and why this is the sales time of the year.




As have been stated above, competition is a part of business. There must always be people in your chosen industry doing the same things you do or similar. You can’t tell them to stop. But what you can do is make sure yours stays way ahead of them, i.e. keeping the competitor way behind you. One of the ways you can accomplish this is through an end of the year business promo.


For one thing, some of your competitors might have done their homework and know the massive benefits of running an end of the year business promo at this time of the year. If that is the case, and you are not doing that yourself, then you are putting yourself in a disadvantaged position. You might just find all your customers running to them at this season and they might just do enough to keep them after that. Running a promo yourself though will show your customers you are also thinking about them and will make them stay.


On the other hand, most of your competitors may not be taking advantage of this time to get the dividends of an end of the year business promo. What are you then waiting for? You shouldn’t fall asleep like they are doing. Use this opportunity to run a massive promo for your business. This of course will keep your customers, it will get you some customers from your competitors, and what more? It will invariably keep you way ahead of the competition.



Another area where you mustn’t slack off is the awareness for the promo. This might even be where your competitors have an edge over you if you are not careful. Even the well thought-out promos without adequate awareness will not go anywhere.


So, get the words about your promo into the ears of everyone, use the social media handles and every other media you can afford. Also, register a free bulk SMS account, as bulk SMS has been proven to be super effective in business marketing.


All you need to do in all is to sit down and plan well for a mind blowing end of the year promo. If your competitors are running one, you can do something they are not doing right. If your competitors are not running one, then better for you. Whatever the case, use this time to get ahead of all competitions and leave them in your trail.


Tell us what you think about this using the comment box below.





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