Top 10 Reasons to Run an End of The Year Business Promo-#8. It’s The Sales Time of The year

  18 November 2015


By now, you should have plans already in place for running an end of the year promo for your business, which is if you are not having one already. If at all you are still skeptical though about the benefits of this, then you need to check out the previously considered powerful reasons to run an end of the year business promo. Click to see reason 1, reason 2, reason 3, reason 4, reason 5, reason 6 and reason 7 already considered.


One important thing about marketing and making sales is right timing and good targeting. There are times when sales for a particular product get to the optimum, and if you are a good marketer, you must be ready to take advantage of such times. Here we look at why this time of the year is the perfect time to have an end of the year business promo if making sales is your target.




The end of a year brings with it lots of engagements and activities. Many top firms and companies hold an end of the year party to appreciate their staffs. They also buy many gifts and presents for the employees.


It has also been revealed that people generally put their wedding occasions at this time of the year much more than any other time, as they see it as a perfect opportunity to get many relatives and friends presence at the occasion.


Furthermore, this is the festive season. The Christmas and New Year celebrations are coming thick and fast. People are getting busy shopping and shopping to give their families, relatives and friends the best of the season.


In short, this time of the year happens to be when people make purchases most, even to the extent that they care less about sky rocketing prices at this time. Such is their knack for buying at this time of the year. Prospective grooms and brides are shopping for their big day, mothers and fathers are making provisions for the holidays, lovers are getting gifts for their sweethearts, and bosses are making provisions for their staffs’ end of the year gifts, and so on.


If people are more than willing to spend at this time of the year even when prices of things are astronomically high, an added incentive of a promo can do wonders for your business then. With a promo, you are showing them that at this time of the year when they seem to need you most; you also have them in your thoughts and ready to reward them.



You’ll need an effective medium to create awareness for your business promo. Bulk SMS has proven to be a key means of communication, affordable and efficient.


If you do not have a bulk SMS account yet, register a free one right away and get free SMS units.


This is the sales time of the year. Don’t be left out, run an end of the year business promo and get a sales experience you’ll live to savor.


Questions or inquiries? Use the comment box below for this purpose.





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