Top 10 Reasons to Run an End of The Year Business Promo-#7. Keep All Existing Customers

  17 November 2015


According to American Businessman and entrepreneur Sam Walton, “In whatever line of business you are, there is only one boss, and that is the Customer. He can fire everyone in the office, right from the chairman down to the least employee. And this he can do by simply going to buy somewhere else”. This only goes to show that the importance of keeping customers in a business cannot be overemphasized.


It is fitting then the 7th reason for our Top 10 reasons for running an end of the year business promo is; keeping all existing customers. Already there have been very exciting reasons that we’ve considered. Missed it? Check here for reason 1, reason 2, reason 3, reason 4, reason 5 and reason 6 for running an end of the year business promo.




Like as been noted above, whatever you are in your business at present, you owe it to your customers. You are not helping them in any way as they can easily get alternatives for what you offer from any of your competitors. Rather, they are the one helping you, as without them, you are as good as non-existent. Therefore, there is nothing you can do to appreciate them that can be tagged as ‘too much’.


Customers’ loyalty deserves to be appreciated and rewarded. No customer wants to feel like just a medium of sales and profit making, they want to feel like a part of the business, which they of course are. Therefore, they want to get appreciation for their patronage.


Among the many ways you can show appreciation for your customers loyalty is through an end of the year business promo. A promo period affords you the opportunity to let the customer know that you are not just there to sell products and services to them, but you are also keen on rewarding them for their patronage.


With a promo, the customers feel the love and interest you have in them, and they will be more likely to stick with you. The reason being that everyone loves been appreciated, and also if the promo is a massive one, they won’t want to go, as they look forward to similar things in the near future, or even much more than that. And what more? You will be doing yourself a whole lot bad if your competitors happen to offer those more at this time, as we will see in reason 8 of this series.



Once the plans are completed for your promo, the next thing you think about is creating awareness about it. There are many mediums you can choose to use, the social media platform as one of the effective ones.


You will also want to use bulk SMS for a massive awareness. Simply register a free bulk SMS account if you’ve not yet done so. Free SMS units are also up for grabs after registration.


You can take a brief moment to let us know what you think about this in the comment box below.





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