Top 10 Reasons to Run an End of The Year Business Promo-#6. Revive Interest in a Fading Product

  16 November 2015

Content marketer Joe Chernov once said; “Good marketing makes the company looks smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart”. That is exactly one of the biggest thing you achieve whenever you run a business promo. You make your customer feel smart as they get their best products for next to nothing. And that is great marketing.


There are several reasons why it is important that at this festive time of the year you run an end of the year business promo. About five (5) of these have already being considered. We’ve already seen how running an end of the year business promo can help bring about repeat sales, how it can help you get new customers, its effectiveness in waking up sleeping customers, how it can help you boost sales and maximize profit and of course, why it’s a perfect opportunity to announce new products/services.


The reasons are still coming thick and fast, and here comes the 6th reason why you must have an end of the year business promo now; reviving interest in a fading product.




This works in pretty much the same way as waking up sleeping customers, only that in this case, it is not a complete loss of interest by a customer in your business as a whole but rather a dying interest in a particular product or service you render.


There are several reasons why a customer might lost interest in a particular product you offer, some of these might be; the customer no longer finds the product affordable, a competitor is offering the same product for a lesser price, there is a better alternative to the product, doubts about the quality of the product or maybe the product is deemed unsatisfactory.


You’ll need everything possible to bring this product back to its former status, most especially if it is a primary product your business offers. You do not have to give up easily in the prospects of the product or service.


First, determine what must have caused the down slide in active interest in the product. Once this is done, if it is something that has to do with intrinsic properties of the product itself, correct the anomalies where necessary. This is because if the low quality status persists, even a promo can’t address the decline.


Once the root cause has been ascertained and corrected if it is one from your firm, the next thing is to remind people of it using a promo. Remember that it is not easy to revive a dead interest, therefore, people needs an incentive to at least try it again. As such they are not taking too many risks.


You must remember to tell the changes that have been made to the product, if any. Also, if there are no necessary changes to be made, you should reassert to the customers why they need the product. Probably, they’ve lost believe in its relevance to their well-being.


With a promo, you get as many as possible to come back to the fading product, for the promo is the incentive. And when they do, they might just stick around yet again. The offers them an opportunity to confirm whether or not they still need the product.



Awareness for your upcoming promo can be done through the social media, TV adverts or print media. If you want to do a more personal awareness though, you might want to seriously consider bulk SMS.


If you don’t have a bulk SMS account yet, register one now for free and get free SMS units after registering. Then, you can start getting words about your promo into all ears.


A fading product does not have to die off completely. Use this time of the year to revive people’s interest in that product that is losing it by running an end of the year business promo.


Tell us what you think about this using the comment box below.





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