Top 10 Reasons to Run an End of The Year Business Promo- #3. Wake Up Sleeping Customers

  11 November 2015

The importance of running an end of the year business promo at this time of the year cannot be overemphasized. Already, we’ve considered two (2) important reasons why it is imperative that you run an end of the year business promo. Click here to see how running a promo leads to repeat sales and how end of the year business promos increase your customer base.


Another major reason why running an end of the year business promo should be high on your agenda at this time of the year is it helps wake up sleeping customers. Just what do we mean by this? And how can a promo help accomplish this? We’ll see in a moment.




One of the very challenging tasks in managing a business be it small-scale or large-scale is keeping an active interest of customers. It is therefore of no surprise that lots of business have a plethora of customers that have gone inactive.


There are several reasons why you might be losing your customers, i.e. have them sleeping off so to speak. Some of these are:


  • They got a better alternative from a competitor in the area of product prices


  • You have a poor customer service


  • They’ve lost faith in the quality of your products or services


  • They no longer see any reason to use your product or service


  • You don’t offer bonuses, give discounts and run promos, i.e. you don’t reward loyal customers E.T.C.


For these reasons mentioned above, and some other little ones, you might find some inactive customers. Running a bumper end of the year business promo though can help address this slumber.


When you run a promo, you remind the customers that you are still around in the industry, you let them know you are always ready and willing to reward them for their patronage and you get them to again rekindle their dying believe in what you offer.


Regardless of how disoriented a customer has gotten towards you, he/she will unlikely pass by an opportunity of a jaw breaking promo offer. Participating in the promo brings him back to you for the moment, and then you can do a prompt follow up to ensure he doesn’t go back to sleep.



Now that you’ve drawn your map for pushing out your promo, the next thing is to create a massive awareness to the public. The social media will be a perfect avenue to get as many prospective customers as possible to participate. However, you also need a personal awareness with your existing loyal customers. Bulk SMS can help you accomplish this.


Register a free bulk SMS account with a proven quality bulk SMS service provider. See here why SmartSMSSolutions fits the bill. Then, once that is done, you compose your awareness message that offers the value to the recipients and carries a powerful call to action, and start sending to all our customers in your database. If you do not have a phone number database yet, click here to see how to get one.


With these steps, you will pilot a never to be forgotten end of the year business promo that not only gives you immediate rewards, but benefits in the long run, by waking up sleeping and even dead customers.


Do you have any contribution to this? Let us know in the comment box below.





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