Top 10 Reasons to Run an End of The Year Business Promo-#2. Get New Customers

  10 November 2015

It’s that festive time of the year; we are well into the ember months. Whether you are a small scale business owner or operating on a larger scale, this is the time for sales. Whether you are new in a business or you’ve been in one for long, you can’t close your eyes to the endless opportunities right in front of you.


We’ve considered already one reason why you should run an end of the year business promo these ember months. Just in case you missed it, click here to see. Now see for yourself another important reason why a business promo this time is the best for your business.




Every successful business man and woman will agree that lasting success in a business depends largely on growing your customer base. This is because the customers themselves are the business and without them the business does not stand. Therefore, business men and women do all they can to always increase their customer base. This particular time of the year is a perfect opportunity to do just that.


Humans by nature loves free things. Even if not totally free, they love getting important things for cheap. Running an end of the year business promo gives you a platform to exploit this natural human affinity and help your business grow.


When you’ve finalized plans on a promo to run, the next thing will be getting it into the ears of everyone; existing customers, prospective ones and even competitors alike. You might want to use the appropriate mediums such as the social media, print media and bulk SMS.


When you use social media platforms and print media, the fact is that it is not only open to your existing customers; everybody will see this especially when you promote it. And when your promo offer is appealing enough, and people see it as real value, they participate in it. That is the first contact with your business for new customers.


When you send SMS awareness for the upcoming promo to customers in your database, they know firsthand. The stakes are high that they will inform their friends about this, who will also inform their own friends, and the circle continues. To increase your chances, you might even make it a part of the promo for existing customers to bring friends to participate, giving them freebies for that. You might as well make a provision for people to drop their contacts for promo awareness SMS, which they will happily oblige to.


Now that you got many persons to participate in your end of the year promo, the next mission is to make them stay and become active customers. The quality of the product or services you render should do the magic. Also, you will need to do a prompt follow-up on all new persons who made a purchase during the promo period. Continue to offer them values they cannot get from your competitors, and they will keep coming back.


They also expect more jaw breaking promo offers in the future and so they stay with you. This in turn might even invite more persons, and as such your customer base grows.



As shown above, bulk SMS is one of the effective mediums for creating awareness for your end of the year business promo. Once you’ve finalized all the plans for the promo, you can start sending SMS to let people know.


Here at SmartSMSSolutions, we offer a bulk SMS service that suits this purpose. Register a free bulk SMS account if you’ve not yet done so, and get free bulk SMS units for a start.


With an end of the year business promo, you give for free or for less to gain much more. So, what are you waiting for? Take this opportunity now.


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