Using a Wedding Website/Blog for Wedding Awareness- How Effective?

  13 October 2015

Getting married in itself is nice. However, a wedding occasion lacks the extra bit of spark and excitement if people are not there to grace it. Because people know the value of having people present for their wedding ceremony, they go to lengths, doing whatever possible to create awareness with families and friends before the big day.


We’ve already considered how bulk SMS can be used for save-the-date, wedding invitation and wedding reminders. Also, we’ve seen how bulk SMS can be used to organize a committee of friends for the occasion, and how it can be used for announcing a color code for the wedding.


Another important channel many couples have used in creating awareness for their wedding ceremony is the use of wedding website usually called wedsite blog, or application. This can be a face of your wedding to come and can support the use of bulk SMS for awareness. Here are some of the things you can accomplish with a wedding site:




  • DIRECTION TO EVENT VENUE : Very likely, you wouldn’t be able to include a detailed description of how to get to your event venue, maybe the reception venue in a wedding invitation card or in an invitation SMS. A wedding website can help you accomplish this. The last thing you want is for people to keep calling you on the day asking for the direction to the venue. On a website, you can tell them all how to get there from anywhere they are coming from.


  • DRESS AND COLOR CODE SAMPLE : Having already communicated your color code with invitees using bulk SMS, you will want them to see how it looks like, most especially if the color combo you chose aren’t the ones that are very popular. You can show them a sample of the color combination, and give them a first taste of how it will look like on them that day. Questions from friends can also be addressed then.


  • SHARE BIOGRAPHY : Maybe your friends never really know much about you and your spouse, there is no crime in letting trusted friends and families know a bit about your story before your big day. This can equally be done on a wedding site.


  • SHARE ‘HOW WE MET’ : This can be very exciting for your invitees. Letting them know your love story will be interesting, how this love all get started. You will be putting guests in a good mood prior to the wedding day. A wedding site will do this for you.


  • INTERACTION WITH INVITEES : Your invited guests will have questions, inquiries and suggestions. A wedding site or blog can help in analyzing all this. They feel loved and welcomed and they will sure make your day one to remember for good.


  • RESERVATION OF HOTEL LODGINGS : You can equally inform your invited guests of the hotels and accommodations available within your wedding occasion venue, and let them make reservations beforehand. You just note what they want and get it ready for them.


  • CHANGE OF PLANS: For some reasons you have to change your wedding date, the wedding venue or the dress code? Immediately send a bulk SMS for that purpose, and get it up on your wedding website or blog.




  • SHARE WEDDING PHOTOS: There are some of the invitees who were unable to attend the occasion. You can share the joy of the occasion in form of the wedding pictures with them using your wedding site or blog. With this, they don’t miss out completely.


  • APPRECIATION: Bulk SMS is a very effective means of appreciating those who attended you wedding. You can also get it there on the website, and thanking them for the gifts presented.


As a general principle, wedding websites or blogs can be exciting in wedding preparations, but you must be balanced in the use. Be careful with the details you reveal, not everything is worth putting into the ears of anybody. Also, ensure you make open to those who are invited for the wedding occasion only. Be friendly in conversation with your prospective guest. In terms of color and dress code, don’t command them but just inform.


So, if you are ready, you can get one set up. There are many designers who can do that for you out there. In fact, these days, you can get a blog set up on your own free of charge in the matter of minutes, according to your taste. You then decide for how long you want it to stay.


When you use this in support of bulk SMS in creating awareness for your wedding day, you will find that the effort will be worth it. You will be making your big day one to remember.


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You can make your contributions on this in the comment box below.





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