Getting the Best Color Code for Your Wedding Ceremony

  09 October 2015

Very few persons will argue that color codes on wedding days are one of the interesting elements in any wedding occasion. When chosen carefully and intelligently, color code can really lighten up the ceremony and get people excited. However, if the wrong choice is made, it can practically set the tone for a boring, dull and better forgotten wedding occasion.


Certainly you would not want your wedding occasion to fall in the same category as the latter mentioned above. In order to ensure you make an informed and best decision in your choice of color combo for your upcoming wedding ceremony, which will be sent to all guest through bulk SMS well before the day, we’ve put together a few tips in choosing the right color combination, what to avoid and examples of some of the most popular color schemes that works.




While there are no set laws as to what and what should be the chosen color combo for a wedding ceremony, the following tips can help in choosing the right ones that goes well:


  • Consider Your Favorite Color : Perhaps you are low on idea of where to start in choosing your wedding color code, what better way to start than from your wardrobe. Just consider what color is your best. This can have a major say on the other colors you choose to go with. Colors that compliments that color you’ve chosen will go well.


  • Take Note Of The Season : Of course the season has a major say on the choice of color. As a principle that has been proven, darker hues of color works best for the cold winter season while for the warm or hot season (summer), softer shades of color looks nicer. You will also want to very careful with colors associated with holidays.


  • Have Your Reception Setting in Mind : One of the very first things you should decide from the word; GO for your wedding ceremony is the reception venue. The color of the venue and its design can also inform your choice of color. Consider the color of the walls, the carpets or rugs there and other details. Very important is also the decorations that will be done, the color of the cake and the toppings, flowers, ribbons, balloons and table linens. You want your wedding to have the same color tune all the way; therefore, this is very important.


  • Consider The Bride’s Maids And Groom’s Men Attire : Consistency is very key in the chosen color theme for the big day. Therefore, remember to attune the color of the day with your bride’s maids and groom’s men attire. The groom and his men’s tie, pocket filler, waist belt e.t.c must go with the theme for the day. Same with the maids shoes, dresses, jewelries, the bride’s flower, make up, shoe and other chosen accessories.


  • Consider The Mood You Want To Create And The Environment : Colors are closely related to moods. For example, soft colors have being matched with romance. Also, you must consider the environment you are. A color combo you find nice might be offensive to most of your guest, or might be associated with other things. For example, while black might be a flattering color, it is associated in many places with funeral and you will want to consider before making it a major color in the color theme.


  • Do Your Research : The web is already stocked with wedding planning websites and blogs that you can visit for ideas. You can make good use of this. You can also talk with a wedding planner as you make the decision. You can equally speak to color lovers and get idea. Committee of friends also comes in here. They can give you nice suggestions to pick from.


  • Keep It Few And Simple : As a general rule; the simpler the better. Avoid the temptation of choosing too many colors. As a principle, 2-4 colors maximum are generally suggested. Also, for simplicity, ensure to have at least one neutral color e.g. white in the combo. Remember, if you are printing an invitation card, then the colors must also be included from the off.



Here are some of the suggested exciting color combinations for wedding ceremony:


1. Gold, Peach and Green

2. Gold, Cream and Emerald

3. Cinnamon, Yellow and Beige

4. Black, White and Pale Green

5. Tangerine, Orange and Yellow

6. Blue, Navy and Yellow

7. Sage, Gold and Ivory

8. Purple and Orange

9. Magenta and Yellow

10. Silver, Grey and Yellow e.t.c.


These are just some exciting ones suggested on many wedding websites and blogs. You can get your own unique one though by following the tips mentioned above. Remember, this must be a joint choice by you and your mate, and do not be afraid to try something new, you do not have to go conventional. However, let the principles of color harmony guide your choice.


So, you’ve made your choice and a good one at that. The next thing is to go to your registered bulk SMS account and forward this to your entire expected guests well on time. See here how bulk SMS can be used to announce wedding dress code. If you have a wedding awareness site or blog for your big day, you can direct them there to see samples of this.


All is set now and your big day is poised to be a memorable colorful occasion. Go to the next phase.


Use the comment box below for questions, inquiries and general contribution on this article about choosing color code for wedding ceremony.





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