Make Your Wedding Colorful- Do a Viral Dress Code Awareness with SMS

  08 October 2015

Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony before and feel awed at the colorful display on show there? Or most probably you’ve attended one and you can sense a dull atmosphere from the conflicting color riot taking place there. The bottom line is that colors are very important elements in life. They create excitement when used in the right way, and if used wrongly, then they can also turn people off.


One thing that is ever becoming a constant feature in wedding occasions today is a dress code. The groom and his bride decide on a fitting dress code for their wedding and also get friends and family in the loop about this. And when everyone go by the color code for the big day, the occasion turns out beautiful.


We have considered how you can use bulk SMS for the 3 major phases of wedding invitation, which are; save-the-date, formal invitation and then wedding reminders. Sandwiched between these phases of wedding notification should be a dress code notification SMS.




Choosing a dress code or color scheme for your wedding occasion gives your big day an identity. With a color code, people going to attend your wedding should be able to easily recognize and associate with others coming to the same occasion even if they haven’t seen those ones before. For example, in an event where an invitee to your wedding occasion gets confused about the venue for the ceremony, such ones can easily tell who and who among those walking on the street is going to the same place with a well chosen color code.


Additionally, just as has been mentioned above, a carefully chosen color scheme gives life to your wedding ceremony. People looking around can feel the excitement that fitting color combo creates. Of course, you wouldn’t want your wedding ceremony to be tagged dull or uninteresting because people decided to wear different color combination to the place; violet, white, green, orange, yellow, pink, blue, black, red, purple and so on. Believe me; it leaves a bad taste to the beholders.



Once you have an idea of all those that are invited to your wedding occasion which you must have gotten from your save-the-date SMS, the next thing is to send the dress code SMS to those ones. By now, you and your spouse would have chosen the best color combination which you believe will lighten up the day.


Usually, some couples vary the color code within grooms men and bridal train, and for friends and families, each matching the couple’s own dress code. However, some decides to choose the same color for everybody attending the occasion. Whichever you decide to do, the important thing is the synergy in color at the event.


So, login to your bulk SMS account, compose the SMS, mentioning the chosen dress code, the chosen color scheme and a brief exciting phrase on why that color combination has been chosen. Lots of persons make the mistake just sending a dress code but not informing the invitees how important it is to them that they wear it on the day. Do not forget to include this, so all your guests don’t turn out odd on the day. And imagine the joy you will experience when you go through the wedding photos after the big day and see how beautiful they turn out because you sent a viral dress code awareness using SMS.


Some persons preparing for a wedding who have a website or blog designed for that purpose can equally do this awareness on it. A sample of the how the chosen dress code will look like can even be posted on that.


Don’t have a bulk SMS account yet? What are you waiting for? Register one right away. It’s free and you equally get free SMS units to start with. Here at SmartSMSSolutions, we’ve got you covered all the way towards a successful and colorful wedding ceremony which your guests and you will live to always remember.




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