How Labor Unions Can Use Bulk SMS to Organize Union Meetings

  08 October 2015

We’ve considered at length various roles labor unions play in any organization. We’ve seen how labor union can drive increased wages for union members. In case you missed it, check it here. We’ve also seen how labor unions can improve safety standards for workers. Click here to see how. Additionally, we have considered how labor unions can drive improved health care services for its members. These are just a few of the numerous massive roles of labor unions for its members.


In order to fulfill its role effectively though, adequate communication is important both between the executives of a union and with the members of that union. To meet this need for efficient communication, there must be regular meeting between the members of the associations and its executives.




First, executives of the trade union are expected to meet and deliberate on issues affecting the members of the union and how it can be tackled. Bulk SMS is a very good medium of notification for these meetings. In many cases, labor unions executives meetings are on a specified day of the week or selected days of the month. In such instances, it is still not out of place to remind the Excos of the meeting a day before the meeting day. This will leave no allowance for failure as other life demands might make some forget. All you have to do is set up your bulk SMS account if you’ve not yet done so, get the phone numbers of all the executive members of the union and save it in your account phonebook. Then, anytime you want to send meeting reminders or notification SMS, you simply login, go to your send SMS page and forward with ease.


Also, if there will be urgent emergency meetings on days different from the ones stipulated for the meetings, what faster, easier and cheaper way to get it across to everybody if not through SMS? Just get straight into your account and send the notification.



Once the executives have met and deliberations and decisions are taken, the next thing is to let the union members know about this. Such information can be passed conveniently by SMS. However, when there are matters where the individual opinions of the union members count, a meeting between the executives and other members becomes necessary.


Having decided on when the meeting will be, notification about this can be sent to all union members through bulk SMS. This SMS will include the date of the meeting, the time of the meeting, the venue for the meeting and also the issue to be discussed. Including the issue to be discussed will help everyone prepare beforehand on what to contribute.


For some reasons, some members of the union might be unable to attend the meeting(s). Brief summary or minutes of the meeting can equally be sent to everyone after the meeting. With this, even those who were present will remember what was decided upon, and if there is any task given to all, they will remember to get it done.


SMS is a very good medium for reminders and notifications. Little wonder then that many organizations are using it today to great effect. Trade/Labor unions too can experience the effectiveness of this communication medium.


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