How Employment Agencies Can Use Bulk SMS for Interview Appointments

  07 October 2015

Ways in which employment or recruitment agencies can use bulk SMS are numerous. Already, we’ve seen how they can use this for vacancy notifications and how it can be used to schedule aptitude tests for Job applicants that fit a particular job description.


After the aptitude test has been conducted, and the results of the test forwarded to those concerned, which can also be done through SMS, the next thing that follows is the interview session. In some cases, interviews are the only assessment given to the applicants, without aptitude tests. While aptitude tests assess the overall intellectual capacity of the job applicant, an interview is more of a conversation between a representative of the firm and the job applicant, where the firm gets to hear firsthand what the person has to offer if employed.


The same way bulk SMS has been used for vacancy awareness, for scheduling aptitude test, so also employment agencies in collaboration with the firm can use bulk SMS to place interview appointments.



Once the list of those due for an official interview has been compiled, and the date of the interview has been fixed, the next thing is to go to login into your registered bulk SMS account and forward these details to the people in question.


The interview appointment SMS will contain the name of the firm hosting the interview, the date of the interview, the time of the interview and the venue for the interview. If there are any important items the candidates should come with, these can also be enumerated in the SMS.


Conventionally, most firms and employment agencies use email for this purpose. While it is shown to be more official and widely accepted, bulk SMS still holds many merits over it for this purpose. Many people have confessed to failing to show up on interview dates because they did not get the invitation on time or because they forgot the day. This is because emails are not really the best when you want a recipient of your message to get it and read it immediately, since emails are rarely visited. With SMS, as soon as it is sent, you are certain it is received and read.


However, there is no crime in choosing to use multiple channels to book appointments for interview. With bulk SMS, emails can also be sent and some organizations too might decide to use phone calls to inform the applicants. All these can be a good support to SMS.


One other important thing that shouldn’t be left out is feedback from the applicants. In all invitation for interview messages, either through SMS or the email, it is necessary to inform the person to get back to the agency on the invitation, if they can make it or not. This will help the firm make proper arrangement to receive all those that would be present. And in cases of absence, adequate arrangement can be made to reschedule for such ones at another time. With SMS, the contact details of the agency should be added in the message so that feedbacks can be forwarded there.


With bulk SMS service, the role of recruitment/employment agencies as a bridge between a firm and job seekers is made even easier, with satisfaction for all the parties involved, the firm, the agency and the prospective employee.


If you’ve not registered a bulk SMS account yet, sign up one now to effectively manage your business. On SmartSMSSolutions, you have the bulk SMS gateway that suits your need. Free SMS units are also available after registering.


Do you have questions, inquiries and general contributions concerning our service? Drop them below.





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