Wedding SMS- Delegate Assignments within Committee of Friends Using SMS

  06 October 2015

Once the decision has been taken to use a committee of friends in your wedding planning process, and those you wish to use have been identified, you can inform them of this using bulk SMS. Click here to see how. Also, there is a need to always have meetings of the committee members, as organized by the chairman of the committee. Bulk SMS can equally be used to arrange such meetings. Just in case you missed how, see here.


Another important thing bulk SMS can help you accomplish regarding committee of friends organization towards success of your wedding ceremony is delegation of roles and assignment. Here is how this can be done.



The SMS for delegation of roles within members of a wedding committee of friends can be in two phases. The first one sent as soon as a person has been chosen as a committee of friends’ member, and the other ones sent at intervals by the chairperson of the committee depending on the decisions taken during the committee meetings.


For the first phase, immediately after the SMS that informs a person of his/her selection had been sent, and the person has accepted the responsibility, the next thing is to define the role he/she is to play towards the success of the occasion. These roles will be broad, i.e. what is expected of the committee as a whole, as individual assignment will be distributed with time.


Some of the roles a committee of friends can play towards the success of your wedding ceremony are:


  • Overseeing the refreshment for guests on the day


  • Donating funds to help defray some of the expenses


  • Decoration of reception venue


  • Assisting with invitation of others


  • Taking care of photography


  • Overseeing renting of items needed on the reception ground


  • Form a part of the bridal train or groom’s men


  •  General handling of all logistics involved for the big day e.t.c.


So, decide on which of the above you will want your committee of friends to help you with, and then send this as a bulk SMS to all those who are members of the committee.


For the second phase, as meetings are held, decisions are taken and some things need to be done. These assignments are distributed amongst individual members of the committee. The chairperson of the committee, which can be the person getting married or one of the friends (A trusted one), will do a follow-up on all those that have been given something to do. This should also be forwarded through bulk SMS. Its quick and the delivery instant. With that, you are sure everyone remembers their duties and everything goes as planned.


With bulk SMS, your committee of friends for your upcoming wedding ceremony can be up and running, everyone kept abreast of their roles, everyone performing their duties and then you can have a wonderful wedding day to remember.


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Do you have any contribution on this? Use the comment box below for that purpose, and don’t forget to share with friends.





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