Organizing Your Wedding Ceremony- Arrange Committee of Friends’ Meetings Using Bulk SMS

  05 October 2015

We have already seen why committee of friends can play a major role towards the success of your big day; your wedding day. Also, the role bulk SMS can play in selecting members of your committee of friends has also been considered. Just in case you missed it, click here to see.


Choosing members of your committee of friends though is just a first step up the stairs; you are going to need to organize the committee so that everyone gets acquainted with latest developments in the planning process and up to scratch with what is required of each one of them. To do this, regular meetings of committee members have to be held.




While it is extremely important to have constant meetings of the committee of friends, it must be scheduled in such a way that it doesn't erode into the members personal affairs. It is at the first meeting that the decision concerning duration of the meetings will be taken.


You can call the first committee meeting using bulk SMS. Simply go to your bulk SMS account and send the date, time and venue of the meeting to the chosen members.


There at the meeting, discuss how they come in for the success of the wedding ceremony, and also consider how often they will need to meet. One of the member might be selected as a chairperson for the committee.


Subsequently, the chairman of the committee will take charge of sending meeting reminders to the members of the committee. In situations where the meeting has to be cancelled for some reasons, this can equally be sent through bulk SMS.


The fact is that bulk SMS makes communication very easy. Something you are going to need among your committee of friends for a successful occasion.


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Your contributions on this is welcomed below.





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