Organizing Your Wedding Ceremony- Select Committee of Friends Using SMS

  02 October 2015

A wedding ceremony is no child’s play. It is an exciting occasion that can only reach that status with advance quality planning and preparation. You and your partner would get involved in a lot of things to ensure the big day is a success. You can therefore do with some help in lessening the burden on your shoulders.


Many couples get the help of wedding planners to assist with some of the arrangements needed for the big day. While this is equally effective, a committee of friends can do this for you effectively. A committee of friends comprises of bosom friends that are trustworthy, who handles specific functions towards the success of your wedding ceremony.




Once you’ve decided to have a committee of friends for your upcoming wedding ceremony, which you most probably should given its advantages, the next thing is to sit down with your spouse and list out those you want in the circle of the committee of friends.


This should be carefully discussed as you must ensure you choose those you know you can trust and you know will give a hundred and ten percent for the course. It is also important to choose those that are close. The reason been that such ones will be more committed into putting up efforts in ensuring the roles they are given are carried out. It can be difficult for someone who is far away to do this.


Now that you’ve analyzed and have decided on those to use, the next thing is to send an SMS to those persons you’ve chosen. Many might prefer putting a call across to such ones. While this is not out of place, it can still be backed up with an SMS. That way the information stays longer and no danger of forgetting. So simply go your bulk SMS account, and send a message simply telling them they have been chosen to be in the committee of friends for the forthcoming occasion.


It is important to take it one step after the other. The roles they will play in the committee and the arrangement for meetings can follow later. First, use this to know if they will be available to take up the responsibility. A response can be sent across via SMS or by a phone call.


You should remember though that the wedding is still your own and therefore, you take responsibility for how it turns out. Therefore, having a committee of friends taking care of some things doesn’t mean that you leave such things to them totally. You need to do a follow-up on them to ensure things are going as planned.


Friends are there for times of need. That is one reason why they are very important. What better way to experience your friends’ love than on arguably one of the biggest days of your life? Use bulk SMS to tell that friend you trust him in helping organize your wedding ceremony and you will be glad you did. Select a committee of friends using bulk SMS.


Other uses of bulk SMS for wedding planning are numerous, such as to send a save-the-date, to send a formal wedding invitation and to send wedding reminders among others. With this service, your wedding is heading for success.


Take a moment to share what you think about using committee of friends for wedding preparations and how bulk SMS comes in.





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