How Labor Unions can Improve Safety Standards for Workers

  30 September 2015

Among the many functions of a labor or trade union in any establishment is ensuring the good general well being of the workers under the union. This might include fighting to get deserved higher wages for the workers, ensuring adequate health care and also ensuring the safety of workers.


The importance of ensuring safety of workers at a place of work cannot be overemphasized. A factory fire in New York on March 25 1911 killed almost 146 workers, many of which were young women. That is very pathetic. In order to avoid cases like this, putting up adequate measures to ensure safety for workers at work is expedient.


We’ve already seen how trade unions can drive increased wages for workers, and bulk SMS has been shown to play a prominent role in this regard. Here though are some steps that can be taken to ensure improved safety standards for union workers in an organization, and the role bulk SMS plays:



  • One of the first things to do as a union executive if you notice that the organization you work for do not have adequate safety provisions is to have a round table meeting with the owners of the business. It is proven that both the owners of a firm and the trade union both share the same stance in the area of safety for workers, only in some cases where there might be disagreements in the area where the firm cannot rationalize the need for more safety measures with profit making for the firm. However, when the union shows the firm why it is important to have such provisions, the results are usually good. The union can even get insurance provision for all union workers.


  • The union executives can also organize training sessions for the unionized workers. The purpose for this is to explain to them how the arrangement already made by the company to ensure safety is to be applied. It keeps everyone in the loop as to what is needed to benefit from the safety provisions from the company/organization. Such trainings can be effectively arranged using bulk SMS. Simply go to your registered bulk SMS account, and since you already have the phone numbers of your members, forward the time, venue and purpose of the meeting to them. Updates on the outcome of the training can also be sent through SMS.


  • Because humans generally need reminders, bulk SMS can be used to send safety tips to the unionized workers. With such reminders in form of tips, everyone keeps informed on what to do to stay safe at work.


  • In situations where after many efforts, the organization refuses to oblige and cooperate toward ensuring quality safety for the workers, peaceful protests is a right for all union workers. You can organize this using bulk SMS. Simply send a powerful message that calls on everyone involved to come out in mass and get that which is their right at a particular day, time and venue.


  • Additionally, as a way of encouraging more adherences to safety provisions already in place, some firms and the trade unions reward staffs that are very safety conscious. When such rewards are given, all the other workers can be informed of this using bulk SMS and told what they can also do to get such rewards. As such, all are motivated to cooperate with safety standards and provisions.


  • Because bulk SMS allows for a two-way communication, honest feedbacks from the union workers on the safety standards in place can also be gotten using bulk SMS. With this, they can air their grievances and the union can follow it up, ensuring everyone’s needs are met.


Safety and security are important in a work place, and it is one of the functions of a labor union to ensure its workers get the best. With unity of purpose, it can be achieved. Bulk SMS helps to attain this unity. All you need to do is register a free bulk SMS account, get the phone numbers of all your members on an online phonebook and when the need arises, send the relevant messages with ease.


What do you think about how labor unions can improve safety standards for workers and how bulk SMS comes in? The comment box below is provided for your contributions.





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