Choosing the Perfect Sender ID for Your Wedding Invitation SMS

  29 September 2015

Wedding invitation SMS can be seen as direct alternatives or compliments to invitation cards. On every wedding invitation cards, there are adequate details concerning those getting married and therefore, anybody picking it up can easily tell who they are. The invitation cards usually include the names of the couples and the names of the family they come from. Those serves as the sender ID in a wedding invitation card.


While using bulk SMS though, not every details included on an invitation card can be in a text message. Besides, the standard for an SMS sender ID will not allow you include all your names, your partner names and your individual parents name as a sender ID. Even with this though, you can still carve out a unique and informative sender ID for your wedding invitation SMS and still ensure no information gets lost.


Below are some few options of wedding invitation sender IDs that are widely used for wedding invitation text messages, and which seems to be the best.



  • The Couple : Some persons choose this as a default sender ID for their wedding invitation SMS i.e. just writing The Couple. For one thing, it is just 10 characters and therefore falls within the standard maximum of 11 characters for sender IDs. If you are using this, remember to state in the content of the message who and who is getting married as the sender isn’t quite explicit in that regard. A major demerit of this is that even though the recipient might associate the message with a couple even before opening it, it might be difficult to know for sure it is an invitation and also to know who and who is getting married. Because of uncertainties though that might sometimes prevent some persons from actually reading the message content, it is important your recipients gets the point of the message even before opening it.


  • Wedding IV : Another one used by prospective couples. This is also 10 characters and therefore fits seamlessly into the standard for sender IDs. Same as the one above, the sender ID do not reveal anything about those getting wedded and so should be included in the body of the message. Compared to ‘The Couple’ though, this is more specific as any seeing it knows what it is, a wedding invitation. Some persons just simply use the word ‘wedding’ as the sender ID. That works the same way as ‘Wedding IV’.


  • Reminder : People usually use this as sender ID for wedding reminders. A reminder of course comes after a previous announcement. Therefore, a formal invitation must have been sent first with a different sender ID before a reminder can be sent.


  • Follow-up : This is also used same as ‘Reminder’. The aim is also to remind invitees of the occasion few days/weeks before it.


  • #Husband’s name & #Wife’s name : This also is widely used as sender ID for wedding invitation, where the husband’s name and wife’s name are used as sender ID. Let’s say you are Rich and your partner Megz. The sender ID will simply be: ‘Rich&Megz. It can equally be a short form of both names in cases where the names are very long. It lets people know instantly who the message is coming from. It also frees up space in the content of the message for other things, as you don’t need to mention your names again, especially if the name on the sender ID is the one people knows you both with. But if it’s not, then the full names can still be included in the body.


  • A unique nick for the occasion : Most couples goes for this. They make a unique nickname for the occasion, usually a combination of both the husband and the wife’s name. As an example, a man named Rafael getting married to a woman called Sandra in the year 2015 might decide to use the sender ID; ‘RaphSan2015’. It’s cool and also in many cases fits into the sender ID. However, since in most cases what is chosen might not be familiar to recipients, the message content will explicitly tell the names of both of them so invitees will not be confused.


So, there is no generally rule guiding the choice of sender ID for a wedding invitation SMS. The underlying principle is to choose something that is in the 11 characters maximum bracket for sender IDs, easy for people to relate with and of course creates a little excitement in your prospective guests.


Here at SmartSMSSolutions, we have a bulk SMS gateway designed to suit your wedding needs. Sign up an account if you’ve not yet done so and use the quality platform to get the people you desire to your wedding occasion. There is even an opportunity to set a default sender ID on your account, so you don’t have to change it as you send series of messages to effectively organize your wedding ceremony.


What do you think about choice for sender ID for a wedding invitation SMS? Do you have better suggestions? The comment box below is provided for your contributions.





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