Use Bulk SMS for Phase 2 of Wedding Notification- Formal Invitation

  28 September 2015

For a memorable and successful wedding occasion, adequate planning a long time before the day is extremely important. We’ve considered how to go about the first phase of ensuring people gets informed about the event and attend, and that is how bulk SMS can be used for Save-the-date.


After the Save-the-date SMS must have been sent, the next thing is to send a formal invitation to all those you will want to attend your wedding ceremony. Well, before you take that limited cash and spend it all on printing invitation cards, you might want to check the article on Bulk SMS vs. Invitation cards-Why use bulk SMS for wedding invitation?


By now, you should be convinced about taking the same route you took for sending a Save-the-date, sending an SMS from a bulk SMS account for your wedding invitation. Let’s take a moment to consider when you should send the wedding invite, what should be included in the wedding invitation, and how you can use bulk SMS to accomplish this.




Alright, there really isn’t a rule as to when you should send a wedding invitation SMS. However, the underlying principle is to ensure it is sent at a time that allows your invitees make adequate preparations to attend. Of course, you’ve already sent a Save-the-date, but that is in no way an invitation. Therefore, it is when those ones see an invitation that they can be certain you want them at your wedding. Then they can start tinkering with their schedule to make it. It might mean postponing another arrangement, asking for time off from employers or saving money to make it down to the venue, for those staying far away.


So, generally, the first wedding invitation should be sent around 8-12 weeks i.e. 2 to 3 months before the wedding date. Thinking it’s too far? And that people might forget? Well, you need not worry about that since this is just the first of the series of wedding invitation reminders you will have to send.


Remember, they don’t have to remember from now; the essence of this is to formally let them know they are invited and give them enough time to get ready. A reminder later will help them remember.



Anything that tells the person he/she is welcomed, who and who is getting married, where will the occasion be held and when will it be is all you have to send. Remember, this is not a printed invitation card, therefore leave all the extras, just keep it simple and go straight to the point. Ensure though that all the important details are included. And of course do not forget to add the reception details. It’s very important.



By now you should have a bulk SMS account set up for this purpose. You can use the same one you used for the Save-the-date SMS. Don’t have one yet, sign up here. So, once the message has been composed, the next thing is to forward it to all those you sent the Save-the-date to. It will be easier if you already have their contacts saved in your account phonebook. Learn how to do that here. The advantages of using this are numerous. Once sent, the message remains on their phones and they can make reference to it at anytime.

We have also put together a great collection of sample wedding invitation SMS that you can choose from.


The planning for your big day is just getting better with bulk SMS. Other steps that should be taken will follow.


Use the comment box below for your contributions on using bulk SMS for wedding invitation.





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