Use Bulk SMS for Phase 1 of Wedding notification- Save the Date

  28 September 2015

Excitement! Yes, what better word can be used to describe the feeling that comes with an upcoming long awaited wedding ceremony? It is one of the landmark events in people’s life. If you have a wedding ceremony coming on in the near future, very likely you want your relatives, friends and well wishers to grace this solemn occasion.


If you are still in doubt as to which means is best for intimating these persons of the wedding ceremony, click here to see 3 major reasons why bulk SMS must be prioritized ahead of invitation cards for that purpose. Once you are convinced, all you need to do is register a bulk SMS account and then you are good to go.


Well, to get all those you want to grace your wedding occasion present on your big day, it takes a lot of planning. Infact, in the area of invitation alone, there are stages of invitation messages that must be sent at the right time interval so your wedding doesn’t be a disaster. The first phase is a ‘save-the-date’. Let us just take you through briefly; what is ‘save the date’? Why do you need to send a ‘save the date’? , who should you send it to? When should you send it? And how do you go about it?




Save-the-date is the first awareness about your forth-coming wedding ceremony. The man has proposed, the woman has agreed, they’ve informed the parents and they have given their blessings. The couple to be has met with their families and a date has been chosen. The next thing is to inform people about it. It is a way of telling them simply: ‘This is the date of our wedding’.



So, why send a notification of our wedding date before a formal invitation? You might as well ask. Well, while it is not mandatory, it is important and necessary. The reason for this is that you have given invitees to your wedding a welcomed and deserve proper advanced notice of the event. As such, they can start making adequate arrangement and adjusting their plans to attend. With the tight schedules and loads of similar occasions likely to be happening at the same time scheduled for yours, enough prior notice of your wedding ceremony helps the well wishers keep you in mind. Save-the-date does this for you.



By now you should have an idea of all those you will want at your wedding occasion. These are the ones you will send a Save-the-date to. These will include friends, relatives, work mates e.t.c. You are going to send invitation to these ones later on. So, not all persons have to save the date, only those you are going to invite.



Usually, people send Save-the-date about 5 to 6 months before the wedding date. This is a perfect time period that ensures it gives them lot of time and also they do not forget it soon. Generally, Save-the-date comes months before the formal invitation.



The conventional way is done is using a Save-the-date card, but we’ve proven beyond doubt that bulk SMS is a better option. Still not convinced? See why. So first thing is get the phone numbers of all the persons you are sending the Save-the-date message to. Sign up a free bulk SMS account. Compose the message. Remember, it’s not an invitation; it’s just what it is; remember the date. Therefore, keep it short and straight to the point.


You will still need those numbers to send invitation messages to, so you can save them in a phonebook inside your bulk SMS account. See how to do that here. You can even schedule the invitation message down to those recipients and on the particular day you want it delivered, it goes. See here how to schedule messages for a later delivery.


So once this is done, the next thing is to wait for the next scheduled moment to send your first invitation message. Save-the-Date is just the first step on the planning stairs. Here at SmartSMSSolutions we follow you all the way towards a successful wedding ceremony for you. All that is involved in the planning process where bulk SMS can assist you will be provided on this platform. So watch this space.


If you have questions or any other contribution on this, you can let us know below.





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