How Cultural Associations Can Use Bulk SMS for Election of Executives

  24 September 2015

It is an abiding interest in humans to get naturally attracted to people that they share the same culture, interests and norms with. It comes as no surprise then that in every place you go to, you find people who are from the same area, have the same culture and speak the same language coming together to form an association, called cultural association or tribal association. This might be in school, at a workplace or even in another land far from their roots.


The benefits of such associations cannot be overemphasized. When there is unity, a lot can be accomplished. Through such associations, the members can unite to fight for rights and dues from the area they are. However, in order for the overall objectives of the association to be accomplished, adequate leadership is needed. Bulk SMS can be used for organizing election of people into executive positions in the association who can represent her and her interests well.




Bulk SMS has undoubtedly establish itself as one of the, if not the most effective means of communication in the world today. If you have an urgent message for someone and you want the person to get it immediately, the best option will be SMS. In the same vein, details concerning election of association’s excos can be pushed out through SMS.


In most cases, election committees are set up to oversee the election of the executives, i.e. to screen candidates and organize the whole thing. SMS can be used for meeting reminders to the committee members, to remind them of issues deliberated on and for other purposes.


Additionally, once the election date has been fixed, bulk SMS can be used to send this to all members of the association to turn up in mass and support the candidate of their choice. The time, venue and requirements for the election can also be sent through bulk SMS.


If for anything, there is a delay or an unfortunate emergency demanding for postponement or cancellation of the election, bulk SMS is also a quick means of getting it across to the members of the association, so they get informed on time.


Once the elections are completed and the votes are counted (which might be instantly after the election or done by the committee depending on the size of the association), details concerning the result of the election can equally be communicated to all members through bulk SMS.



So you feel you have what it takes to take your association to the next level? And want to contest for an executive position in the cultural association? Bulk SMS can help you win any post you wish to. Bulk SMS can be used for campaign, sending well thought out messages to the members of the association, convincing them of why you are the best choice.


You can also equally push out your political manifesto to these persons using bulk SMS. You can equally even get feedbacks from this persons and hence know what your stand is and how likely it is that you will win. Bulk SMS is been used nowadays by politicians to great effect. See here other ways bulk SMS can be used effectively for politics.


For any organization to be a united and successful one, adequate communications is a necessity, and bulk SMS can really solve this need.SmartSMSSolutions offers you an affordable yet quality bulk SMS gateway that you can use for your cultural or tribal association. Register a free account now and get free SMS units as a welcome package.


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