“Why Can’t I Send Message with My Phone?”

  31 August 2015

Are you a registered bulk SMS service user and sometimes have difficulties sending bulk SMS using your phone? Do this happen while using a mobile application or trying to send messages using a browser on the phone? Whatever the case, here is why you might have this difficulty sometimes and how to handle it.


  • One of the reasons why you might try sending a message using your mobile phone and it doesn’t go through is because of insufficient bulk SMS units. You always have your SMS balance on the top of your send SMS page. If using the Android mobile application, then you get it under settings and then account balance. Usually, if the units you have is not enough to push out the message you want to send, it wouldn’t do through.


If that is the case, you can make a purchase of bulk SMS units using any of our payment options. Also, if it’s a factor of the number of characters typed, you can use acronyms to reduce the number of page of the message so it goes through. Also if you have a friend who is a bulk SMS user, you can request for a transfer of bulk SMS units from such one(s).


  • Not being able to send bulk SMS using your phone can also be a factor of the type of browser you are using on the phone. In most cases, if you try using opera mini in pushing out bulk SMS, you might have difficulties in doing that, that’s because opera mini do not really have the capacity in supporting the website.


It is advised that when sending bulk SMS using the phone, you use the phone browser or any other standard browsers available. Some suggested ones are: UCweb browser, Moxilla Firefox and Google Chrome. With this browsers, it is more convenient to send bulk SMS using the phone.


  • Another cause of you been unable to send bulk SMS using your phone might be internet connection problem. If your data source is not working on the optimum as at the time you are sending a message, the message will not go through.


To handle this, you can change your internet source to a better one, i.e. for example, if you were browsing with Etisalat, you could switch to Glo or vice-versa, using the one that is working well to get your bulk SMS sent and delivered.



It should be noted that at present, only the SmartSMSSolutions’ Android application is in good condition, therefore if you are using the java app or the blackberry’s, you can try the Android app. Better yet, if the message is very urgent, you can then use a browser to login into your account and send your bulk SMS. Work is already in place though for new Java and Blackberry mobile applications and a better Android app.


  • Lastly, inability to send bulk SMS from the phone could be as a result of the volume of message been pushed through. When the number of pages and/or recipients is massive, it becomes difficult for the phone to process it and so it doesn’t go through.


In such situation, it’s either you reduce the volume of the message and send in batches or you use a computer to send them. Generally, very bulky SMS should be sent using a computer, because it processes them more easily than a phone does.


Here at SmartSMSSolutions, it is our utmost desired not only to get your bulk messages sent, but also delivered instantly and we hope this information helps.


Always remember also that our contact centre lines are always available to attend to your needs if you still experience this in the near future.


Registration for new bulk SMS account is still available. It’s free and comes with free SMS units. Get yours now if you do not have one.


Use the comment box below for opinions, questions and inquiries.





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