Ways “Sender IDs” can transform your business

  28 August 2015

Bulk SMS users understand that sender IDs are what appear to recipients of an SMS as the source or sender of the message. If you are using the bulk SMS service for business marketing, which you rightly should, your chosen unique sender ID can transform your business in various ways, either positively or negatively.

Here are some various ways business marketing SMS sender IDs can transform your business in no time:


  • Your chosen sender ID helps in creating brand awareness. This is one reason why it is very important to have the business purpose and how the SMS marketing program helps reach the goals all defined before choosing a unique sender ID. Any subscriber who receives an SMS with your chosen sender ID should be able to identify the message with your business even without opening it.


  • Sender IDs that allows for quick feedback are also good for interaction, which helps you grow your business. In this case, you can think of using a unique short code as the sender ID. The beauty of using short codes is that they are easier to remember and are great for prompt response, which can help you measure success and get value for your campaign.


  • Sender IDs can cause diversion of sales unwittingly to a competitor. If in the bid of using a sender ID that makes a statement, you ended up using one that is already identified with one of your competitors in your line of business, you can end up using your resources to market for the competitor and if that’s the case, then the purpose of the SMS marketing has been defeated.


  • Sender ID can determine the open rate of your marketing SMS. Since the first thing people see when they receive a message is the sender of the message, if your chosen sender ID isn’t powerful enough, people might not be interested in opening it up let alone read the content or take an action. Let’s face the fact; people are getting busier by the day and if the first thing they see on their mobile phone isn’t appealing enough to convince them to read more, your SMS marketing program might just be a complete waste of time and resources.


  • Even with all the advantages sender ID can have on your business, your chosen sender ID can bring down your business completely if care is not taken. There are lots of firms and organizations, both private and government owned who have sender ID already registered with their business and have exclusive right to use them. Using those IDs just to get attention will back fire in the long run. Impersonation in the use of sender ID can transform your business, only this time for bad.


It is therefore undeniable that sender ID has a key role to play in ensuring your SMS marketing campaign is a success or not, and also on the general business growth and development, and that is why care is needed in choosing a unique sender ID for your marketing messages.


Once your sender ID has been defined and you’ve decided the kinds of marketing SMS you want to send, the next thing will be how to get phone numbers of your target audience. See here how to get phone numbers for your SMS marketing campaign.


Apart from careful choice of sender ID, there are also things you mustn’t do to ensure a successful SMS marketing campaign and 6 common mistakes of SMS marketers you must avoid.


You are going to need a proven and efficient bulk SMS platform to get your SMS marketing program started. Register a free one right away and get free SMS units to test the efficiency of the service.


We hope this information helps. Let us know what you think using the comment box below.





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